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Unrated orders

Hi everyone!

I want to know that what is the effect of unrated orders on your gig? I just checked, many of my orders are unrated. I contact my customers but they are not responding to my messages.
25-35 % of my orders are unrated. I contact all my customers but they just don’t respond.
Do I have to worry about it?

Hi hamzaumar,

Do not worry, I have a few unrated orders too but I think that they do not affect your overall good profile as a seller.

I would also advice you not to ask from your customers’ feedback by sending them messages. Of course, you may have good intentions and you need them to rate your hard work (and you are a very talented designer by the way) but people are people…so some of them, might consider your action as a compulsive one.

Hi vivianup

Thanks for your reply. I was just worried because many of my orders are unrated. It is possible that Fiverr thinks that those buyers may not satisfied or happy with my work. That’s why i was worried. :slight_smile:

Hi hamzaumar,
as I have told you before, there is no need to worry, if there is no review: you are fine but if there is a negative review, then what? So, sometimes it’s better having no reviews than having to face the problem of the negative ones.

But if you still thinking that there is a problem why don’t you ask Fiverr’s Support Team for Sellers, they will most probably lead you on the right path.

Have a great day!