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Unrealistic #1 in google expectation

Dear sellers,
I have been witnessing a lot of SEO buyer requests with insane expectations lately. No guru or expert can guarantee you #1 position in google even if the competition is little above medium. Some keywords mentioned were damn tough and expecting to achieve #1 in google is just impossible. Even worse, such requests comes with a 3-7 day deadline. Be realistic with your goals and think more logically. Anyone who claims to fulfill these insane expectations would definitely scam you for quick bucks.

As a writer, I get requests like that quite often. “Can you write me a blog/homepage/article with SEO to get me on the first page of Google?” (Quite often it ends with the words “for $5?” too)
I used to explain why this was impossible for someone to offer honestly, but now I politely just say no. In all my time of giving honest responses to those, I never received an order from one of them. Instead, they most likely went to whichever lying writer first said that they could do it. So I simply say no instead now. It is not worth the hassle, and the buyer will not be convinced that it takes more than one thing to make it to the first page of Google…
SELLERS: Stay away from buyers with unrealistic expectations.
BUYERS: Stay away from sellers with unrealistic offers.

There is a lot more needed to reach #1 than SEO writing. Incoming links from authority sites with high page ranks etc. Don’t get me started…

I agree about the honest explanations that get no reply and knowing they go to whoever will lie to say what they want to hear.

companies spend thousands and thousands of Dollars just to get to the Page one. So number 1 for just $5. im never taking that road.

Those are the type of buyers you often hear complain about being scammed. They are practically asking for their money to be taken away from them. I typically avoid buyers with these type of expectations.