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"Unrealistic Expectations" button for Buyer Requests


“Unrealistic Expectations” button for Buyer Requests. I’d like to be able to share my feedback anonymously by clicking a button on their particular request and telling them what a more realistic amount would be. I am not sure why they feel as though $5 would be enough to cover things such as “100 content articles for only one gig” kind of requests are even accepted into the system. I guess it’s a plus we can remove such requests from the list, but I feel it would be nice to help those not like the example above but one’s that are close to ballpark without simply quoting them a higher amount than their budget dictates. I would explain it in the quote, but often times the explanation would eat up the space to explain the quote price I send out and why I sent it for that, so I can’t do both. Thoughts?


It’s really simple. Just don’t send them a request. If a buyer has high expectations:
A: No one will respond to the demand
B: The ones that do are new, and trying to create a client base with a ridiculously discounted service.
C: A smart seller would send a request, only to sway them into purchasing at a realistic price point.