Unreasonable Buyer, can I offer to mutually cancel?


Hi Community,

So I’ve recently hit level 1 and ever since that happened orders have really picked up. Been receiving great 100% reviews, up to about 20 now. Now the issue.

I’ve recently received an order from a buyer which I duly completed ahead of schedule, delivered and no response. After my 3rd attempt to contact them they finally responded with the most mundane revisions and in a rude message.

It’s transcription gig, you essentially write down what the speaker say in a Word document. First issue, they complained the font size was incorrect, the same font I’ve used from the time I’ve started with Fiverr. Next I “missed” a phrase which was actually filler words and my gig isn’t verbatim so I proof out filler words. Next, line spacing was incorrect. After every revision (I have unlimited revisions) they look for a new issue and I was told that I must offer a discount on 5$…really???

Question, can I offer to mutually cancel and will this allow them to leave a review or will that just end it on both sides (what I hope for). I can continue revising but I know they will leave a negative review anyway. Suggestions?



[quote=“simple_gig, post:1, topic:109796”] I
was told that I must offer a discount on 5$.

Oh my goodness. I am lost for words. :confused:

I feel bad you did so much work, but it maybe better for you to cancel. If this person wants a discount on $5 order after multiple revisions - I smell trouble.


Why did you contact them 3 times after delivery? You may have annoyed them by messaging them so much! Just deliver your gig - if they get back to you with a revision, that’s fine, but never poke a sleeping bear!

Mutual cancellation sounds like the best thing - hope you get it sorted!


Tell them to go to fourerr.


mutually cancelled order doesn’t leave any negative impact on your gig. Don’t worry.


You have to report this to CS


Cancelled! Phew! Glad that’s over. A parting message from the seller, “hoped it could’ve worked out”. Yeah I don’t think so.


I request you please take a screenshot of buyer rude message and report it Customer support so that fiverr can take an action.It also will be great for all seller too.


Also, you should consider offering X revisions (up to 3, or maybe 5). You are always free to bend that rule as you see fit (maybe offer up to 5, but at your choosing, you could offer another free revision if the buyer seems like they are worth it…)

In my mind, unlimited means the seller isn’t confident they can deliver something appropriate without tons of back and forth.

You want them to value your time, and unlimited means they can send you one revision, then another all day long, as long as they want.

That just sets you up for an abusive buyer.

After you have enough sales, then cut it back. (I offer exactly ZERO revisions on a $5 sale).

It doesn’t hurt your sales after a certain point (a few hundred reviews or so, depending on your category).


@simple_gig: Listen to Lisa, I agree with her 100%. As a buyer, the number of revisions offered has 0 effect on my desire to purchase.

It’s everything else on a seller’s gig page that would get me to buy or not buy.

I look at it like this, if I screwed up or changed my mind on what I want, then I should pay to get it fixed. If you screwed up, then regardless of # of revisions you offer, you should fix it.

It’s unreasonable for me to have you do rework because I can’t make up my mind.


Thank you that’s actually a great point! I never actually gave it much thought because it was essentially a carry over from the time I started and I never had to look at it again. But yes I will change that.


I think you should definitely go for cancellation. Often the gigs that we prepare for buyers, they even make use of the revisions for their future benefit. Lot of buyers that come here are not honest. They just want to get the person to work for them and they don’t want to pay much or want it for free. Lot of unreasonable request if you entertain it, then you’re going to suffer. After some time, set your prices right and set the revision numbers.


…and a lot of great buyers, who follow the rules, and don’t take advantage of poorly worded gigs. (Sorry OP, but you’ve acknowledged that offering unlimited revisions is a bad idea - well done!)


Thank you!!

Geesh! Why do people use words like “Lot of . . .” In a negative light?

Well, I bet there are lots of buyers who read these threads . . .

My take: "There are lot of sellers that sell here that are

Just Freaking Awesome! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


It makes sense that a new seller is offering something special, and will probably lose money on their first X gigs. (In any new business, it’s common that we break even or temporarily invest time with little or no return in the first few months.)

Pricing/revisions/presentation should be re-evaluated every few months assuming we are growing. We can always be better! It’s one of the mindsets of those who succeed over time.


yes you can and dont late to do that


And by far the vast majority of buyers are honest. Don’t paint a whole group of people in a bad light because of one or two bad apples.