Unreasonable clients


I had an order that the client has nit picked to the point of putting me in tears. And fed back nothing but negative feedback (which I really know is normal but it’s all “this is what you’re doing wrong”. Paragraphs of it only to say, well use the other copy since this one sucks so bad.)

They’d long used up all their revisions and yet still found tiny little things wrong. I did several additional revisions at no charge (stupid me) I was at my wit’s end before they finally sent a message stating they were still not happy but to deliver the final files. Luckily I walked away with only a 4 star review and the hope they NEVER contact me again… How do you handle clients like this? I’d offered a cancellation when I knew it was going wrong but she insisted on moving forward. I am trying to not be emotionally involved but it’s sucking the life out of me.


Personally, I would of probably cancelled no matter if the client wanted to move on or not. If you get a buyer who is sucking your time and energy out of you, you are probably losing money. In my case, I would rather spend my energy on someone who is pleasant and works with me. I get plenty of requests for modifications and I’m happy to help, but if they are rude…GOODBYE!!!


I will have to study up on how that affects my rating. I’m already seeing such a decline, I get nervous to cancel too much! Thank you for your feedback!


You’ve got to define a line for yourself and once you’re past that line, you put your foot down. For example, I pretty much never entertain modification requests, unless the buyer can point out where I’ve missed some part of their instructions. That said, if they want something REALLY small, like for me to rephrase a header, I’ll do that. Anything that takes more than, say, two minutes of my time, is out of the question. I put my foot down, let the buyer know that I’m sorry they’re not happy with the piece, but I followed the instructions given to me and fulfilled the expectations of the gig.

In that situation, you have to be ready to take a less than super review. The great thing is that these buyers almost always lie in these reviews (I had one buyer who I went back and forth with for like two days and when he finally left a review, it was /vile./ He said that I’d screamed profanity at him and told him to f*ck off and then he instructed future buyers to contact him before placing an order with me so he could tell them what horrible things I’d done to him. CS could see I obviously hadn’t cursed at him and had been perfectly clear, polite, and reasonable throughout the process). Alternatively, they’ll often threaten you with a bad review before they actually leave it, trying to bully you into giving them free work, which, again, CS doesn’t take kindly to. That means that CS will almost always remove the review.

What I’m basically saying is that you’ve got to figure out at what point you’re going to say, “Sorry, you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for, I can’t spend anymore time on this order.” Maybe not that exactly, but you get the idea. And then stick to it. Maybe bend it a little bit if you get the sense the buyer will leave you a great review if you do just this one revision, but don’t make any real exceptions.

I always feel worse about letting an unreasonable, rude, demanding buyer have their way and win than I do about standing my ground and taking a less than stellar review. But that’s just me. This is how I put a cap on the stress of working on Fiverr, where buyers can pretty much do whatever they want: they don’t get to pull crap with me.

TL;DR: Set boundaries for yourself when it comes to making modifications and dealing with unreasonable/rude people and then STICK TO THEM.


You got a point…especially since I have been reading a lot of posts lately about cancellations effecting your ranking…I’m not sure yet if that is the case, but I understand why someone would be nervous about cancelling gigs. Fiverr sure keeps us on our toes.


I really tried with this one even stating that while I value my fiverr customers that I have set up my pricing to offer an affordable option which means I cannot dedicate more than the included revisions without compensation. She agreed; stating she wouldn’t even expect more… then did. It was tough and I want to be better armoured for the future! Thank you so much for your input. I appreciate it.


Agree 100%.


If a buyer is asking for more work than was agreed, just send a custom extra for the extra work. This will bring it home to them that what they are asking for is extra. They can then decide to pay extra or accept the work as it is.


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there’s a saying that is Abserloutly True. "The better we commuicate, the better we survive"
As a customer, im on the other side of the same coin.
I put in writing Exactly what i wanted re edit wise…& sent links to sites that had similar structure as examples. She just said “yes, I can do that”. And like a fool i accepted her word.
I know that if i had said “Would you please write to me in your own words exactly what you think it is i need you to do re editing my website"
I lost $315 & she was so rude & disrespectful to me, its outrageous. At first i thought her one word messages were a sign she didn’t babble & was a good communicator…WRONG!!!
She couldn’t care less.
So…my suggestion as a customer is that you
"put in writing”…EXACTLY what action steps you understand the customer is saying they want you to make for them
Then have them initial each paragraph as a sign they have a. read it & b. understand it. Plus sign the bottom…virtual is ok
"The more clear & detailed any agreement is, the less chance of conflict down the line"
I hope i don’t sound arrogant or a ‘know all’…that’s definatley not my intention. Clearly is i had been using the stuff i know about communication in the beginning, i wouldn’t have been ripped off!
YOu sound like a very sincere & caring person who takes pride in her work. I hope this knowledge will help to ensure people treat you with the respect & consideration you deserve :slight_smile:


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