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Unreasonable customers :/

Just need to get something off my shoulders here. Just received a 1-star review for a job well done but a lack of understanding with the buyer :confused:

Initially, the buyer ordered my on-site SEO optimization gig and gave a 5-star rating. The optimizations I did included changes to the back-end on a DigitalOcean VPS. The customer was happy and I quote:

“Great results! I am happy with the results, the fast job, and the good communication!”

Afterwards, she told me she had another job which was to migrate her WordPress website to another host. The host in question was a shared web hosting environment so I told her that this would mean all the optimizations I did initially would be lost but she insisted I did the migration regardless. So I migrated the website (everything intact) but of course, her score was significantly lower for which she rated me with 1 star.

Despite my warnings, she decided to move on and leaves me with a 1-star rating. I really don’t get this and I don’t know what more she could expect from me in this case.

It just feels unfair and unreasonable…


Why on earth would you say yes to doing something that will be bad for the client?
What result did you expect?? Did you think they would thank you for doing it???

Of course it is their fault for insisting but it is you who ends up with a bad review. If something is not good for the client and they insist on it, tell them to find someone else to do it.

Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of being a low cost SEO seller on Fiverr - where Wantrepreneurs dwell and never understand why a seller says no to requests of 100% money back guarantees to rank them for any keywords for $5.


I couldn’t be more completely over that mindset. I’ve priced all my gigs at fees set to eliminate bullshit clients. Less work? Of course - but I’ve yet to run into an instance where wanna-be czars flaunt their bad ideas and work you down for lesser- than- results.

At this point, I won’t even hear your ideas for five dollars.


I guess you’re right since I started off all right with this buyer I didn’t see this coming. Sometimes I can see a difficult buyer based on their questions and then just decide not to go with it. I took a wrong decision on this one.

So besides saying no to stuff that’s bad for the client, would you suggest in raising my prices to avoid customers like these? I feel it’s necessary to get a gig of the ground and raise my prices gradually.


I guess she’s not that reasonable after all, she got back to me and after some talks, she decided that she will be changing her feedback shortly. She even made an additional order with me :slight_smile:


It’s just a sad fact that there will be times that you cannot please a buyer. Nobody has a perfect rating for more than a short time if ever and you just have to do your best and not take this sort of thing for more than what it is.