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Unreasonable Fiverr Buyer

Hello, I am currently struggling with dealing with a Fiverr buyer. They placed an order on my gig mid range package and were very happy for me to design them a logo. I designed them a logo suited to the brief they provided me with, after each revision tweak they made it seem like I’m going in a good direction. The buyer even convinced me I’m doing a good job hitting the right concept and style to suit the target audience. As a final revision they requested me to send them a few different typeface variations and colour variations to choose from and I did so. I feel as if I’ve ticked all the boxes with this customer but all of a sudden they decided to cancel.

The reason for cancellation being ‘Please cancel this order. We need to go in a different direction’ and afterwards telling me they want to find a new designer!

I declined the cancellation detailing to the buyer that I have indisputably put the hours into the job and that I cannot cancel as my time and work is valuable. Although the seller is still unhappy and doesn’t want to pay. I understand that sometimes customers pay for a service and they aren’t always going to be 100% happy but you can’t waste a sellers time and effort especially when the outcomes are hard work and especially when the seller has been convinced that they’re going in the right direction and doing a good job.

Apart from using the ‘resolution centre’ I don’t really know what to do at this point, any ideas?



:clap::clap::clap: Exactly. Did you say this to your buyer?


Do you say “satisfaction guaranteed” and things of the sort in your gig copy? Do you offer unlimited revisions?

Yes I explained the same reasoning to the buyer in more detail, unfortunately it didn’t make a difference.

I offer only 4 revisions which they have already used up!