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Unreasonable gig denied. help

I posted a review gig a few MONTHS ago. Everything was great. It was perfect. I got tons of sales. Out of nowhere, BOOM. DENIED. Reason: Copy right infringement. WHAT?! I didn’t copy right anything. I posted a gig saying I will review stuff. What the heck?! i have contacted support. They are of absolutely no help. The guy gave me very vague answers and seems to be swerving around my questions. I asked him why, as I didn’t understand and he said, “This Gig does not fall within our Editorial focus for Amazon reviews.” I told him okay, I can fix this. Just restore my gig and I’ll change stuff. He said he can’t. I don’t believe this. A few months ago, this very kind customer support lady restored my DENIED gig so I can fix and change it.

Help and suggestions?

Just create a new gig adjusted to avoid Amazon reviews entirely.

Why they called it a copyright issue, who knows, but they are very definitely cracking down on gigs that violate (or appear to possibly violate) third party site Terms.

Same has happened to me… I have posted it today on fiverr forum… But my gig was not of reviews… It was for descriptions.
Can it be restored … Please reply…