Unreliable buyers


Some days ago I got a new buyer who asked me to do something for 5$. I did my job and delivered in time. Then he started accusing me that even I did my job, my support was bad (just because I didn’t answer him when I was sleeping - ridiculous). Then he started asking for additional work. I tried to explain him that I already did what he asked in the first place but he just game me 1-star review. After some time he texted me back that he will take back his negative review if I do additional work for free. How is that fair for the sellers? Fiverr really needs to do something about this.


Yes, they need to.

Until they do - don´t give in to any blackmailing attempts because they tell you they´ll take back a bad review, screenshot the conversation and tell Customer Support.


A buyer can no longer edit the review, after the new update this feature was taken away contact fiverr support and report the matter.


Report this bad user behavior to customer support. Make sure to include screenshots. Sorry this happened to you. Good luck !


Thanks everyone. I just took a screenshot and reported this to Customer Support.