Unreliable ratings


I have ordered 2 gigs from book formatting Sellers that have all 5 star raving reviews. However, the work that is delivered is absolutely unacceptable, appearing to have been done by someone with almost zero experience. The work is not checked before delivery and we have to go back and forth many times to try and fix the most basic errors. One Seller even cancelled after admitting that he did not have the necessary competence. Any other Buyers dealing with these Sellers must experience the same thing, so how is it possible for them to have all 5 star ratings and how can I rely on the rating system for future gigs?


How many reviews are we talking about - 10, 100, 1000 reviews?
Secondly, are you trying to hire someone for $5 or $50? It’s easier to get a 5-star rating for a $5 gig.

For example, if I need a designer for an infographic that I use only once in a blog post then I can get away with $5-10, but if I’m looking for a logo design, then I usually start with $30. With a $5 gig my expectations are much lower.

What I’m trying to say is that maybe you need reach out to level 2 or even top sellers. Their prices may be higher, but you also get more.


contact customer support now they will help


The first one, the one that cancelled, had 85 reviews. All 5 star. I ordered 2 gigs from him for $105. All was cancelled after many days of back and forth hopelessly trying to deliver the fist gig.

The second one has almost 200 perfect reviews. To test her, I agreed to $15 for a small job that was delivered with 17 very obvious errors (like missing pages etc). I am now into my 3rd day of back and forth pointing out some of the same errors every time she delivers.


These numbers should be high enough to get a decent service. I’d say bad luck, but if the 2nd seller is making the same mistakes, then I’m not sure.

If they don’t deliver then you can get your money back, but of course, nothing makes up the time.


The level of competence that both Sellers displayed would indicate that they are doing the work for the very first time. So how is it possible for them to have so many 5 star reviews.


How do I contact support?


dispute the order go to seller review


Good question. It’s not easy to fake 200 positive reviews.
Probably previous buyers had lower expectations or fewer requirements. Maybe you should look for top sellers in your category.

First try to resolve it through resolution center.



But could it be possible someone sold them their old Fiverr account?

I will say as everybody else, I would contact support.
Thank you.


Yup - I’ve seen accounts for sale on FB (I know it’s against T&C BTW!).


Things are improving now, with new fiverr policy bad sellers are being filtered out…


This is, for sure, 100% against TOS. Not surprised, Fiverr will figure this out really fast I think. (Hopefully)


The sad fact is that there are ways and means sellers use to avoid negative reviews, so although the reviews you see are (probably) genuine (barring the selling of accounts as mentioned by others) the fact is that in some cases you won’t see all the reviews the seller might have got if the buyer (or seller) hadn’t got fed up and asked to cancel rather than going through the back and fore that you’re experiencing.

Like everything with a review system though, you can’t tell the real from the fraud, so with every new seller you work with test the water first with a basic gig.


I’m very sorry for your bad experience. I actually started out offering ebook formatting but to be honest, it was too much hard work for too little compensation. My best advice (as an author) would be to download a program called Sigil and experiment with formatting your own book yourself. I say this as there are two types of ebook formatting sellers on Fiverr. Many will run a word document through an automatic ebook converter (which never works). Others in the meantime will use programs like Sigil, however converting a book always involves striking a balance between what is practical and the end clients expectations.

With my books, I undertook a pretty huge learning curve, however, I am very happy that I did as each are formatted exactly like I want them to be.


Not sure what to tell you. Even the perfectionists that do amazing work here are getting invalid reviews. The review system here is not accurate to say the least.


Thank you for this. I think your advice is the best as I have wasted endless hours and days with formatters here and a lot of money on Upwork, and always ended up with the same results.
I will now dive into educating myself to format my own books. Surely it cant be that difficult. I will start with Sigil. As you have been down the same path, any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for good advice.


Unfortunately (or fortunately), I never made it to the resolution center. While she was busy with my 3rd round of corrections, I sent her this polite message: " My feed back thus far:
Anyone can make mistakes. I accept that. However, not thoroughly checking the quality of work before delivery and instead, having the Buyer spend time to point out obvious errors, not once, but twice, that is very disappointing.".
Without any reply, she responded by canceling my order !! This reaction further convinced me that she is not the same person that received the 185 glowing revues for being “patient, thorough, experienced and always providing an amazing experience”. There just is not way.


Hi cyaxrex,
A quick questions: I just took a look at Sigil and see that it is only for Epub formatting. Can you recommend a resource to learn Create Space formatting?

Thank you.


I use a program called Calibre to convert epub files from Sigil into .mobi files. As for create space, this is only really good for printed books and their own instructional material should be sufficient for you to get started. Create space will offer to create an ebook version of your book for you, however, this will only take the form of a converted PDF file which isn’t optimized for different ereaders.