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Unrequested gig pausing

Something is afoot with fiverr. I recently checked back in on my account after a period of zero requests to see what was going on. My gigs had all been paused (I’ve received no notification of this) and now my maximum gig number appears to be 2! As a level one seller this doesn’t seem right. Has anyone else experienced this change or have I missed a memo somewhere?



I don’t think anyone here can solve your problem – but I will say I have not experience what you stated in your post. You best bet is to contact CS.

I think they recently changed the total number of gigs that you can have active, across all levels. This is anecdotal, but I used to be able to have a max of twenty gigs live and now if I try to activate more than fifteen, Fiverr says, “You’ve reached your maximum number of active gigs,” or something like that. Maybe it’s a bug and it does seem weird that level one sellers would only be able to have two gigs active…hrmm.

I agree with steveeyes–the best place to ask would be support.