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Unresolved credit issues with Fiverr for incomplete jobs


I have written to Fiver on numerous occasions trying to recover monies owed to me for work not completed. What is the most effective way to get in touch with someone on Fiverr to resolve this issue?


When a seller doesn’t deliver the work on time, you have the option to cancel the order and get a refund as Fiverr credit.
If the seller delivers a incomplete work, you can ask for a revision or even a full refund if they deliver something that is clearly different than what was promised.
As a buyer you also get a option to leave feedback for the seller based on your experience with them.
In case a seller is not communicating for a order or delivers a incomplete order, you can contact Fiverr Customer Support.
They also have social network pages where you can submit your support ticket number and they will revert back to you.


Everything @lafaraz said is correct. I wouldn’t advise this, though:

In the past, Fiverr has blocked users for spamming their social channels with unrelated order questions.