Unresponsive buyer, but no late delivery


A friend of mine is a seller on Fiverr. I want to ask here because he has done nothing yet with the issue. So I am here to get some answers.

So my friend has a buyer. The buyer ask for a design. My friend makes the design and sent the sample of the design (of course, with a watermark). The buyer likes it but wants to ask an opinion from his co-worker.

My friend agrees to wait for his co-worker’s feedback. However, my friend hasn’t got any message of any feedback (for weeks I think) but still within the Fiverr timer. My friend suggested to extend the order to give him more time, which the buyer agrees. The buyer also apologize for his late reply.

Right now, the buyer still has not confirm the design and still has not returned any of my friend’s messages. Every time the timer get near, the buyer wants to extend it. And every time, my friend agrees. He does not want to get a negative review if he disagrees.

I think this buyer is dragging my friend’s chain.
I think this is going on for months and all this buyer is doing is extending the order over and over again.
What should my friend do? I told him to cancel, but he does not want to get a bad review or get his rates down from a cancellation…

Any tips/advice?