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Unresponsive Buyer...Help!


So I have an order that is winding down to its delivery time (just a few hours left), and the buyer has not responded to my very polite questions about the order. I cannot complete the order without knowing what needs to be written…

My question is, when you have an unresponsive buyer, what do you do? Cancel the order? Wait for it to expire? I don’t know what to do, but I have contacted the buyer 3 times over the past 2 days. I just hit my 100th order on Fiverr after just over a week, and I don’t want my gig rating or account standing to be affected by this.

I have no clue how this works…please help!

(Yes, I already tried to do a forum search on “unresponsive buyer”).


Personally, I would write a message in the order to explain that you have no option but to cancel due to not receiving the information requested and then ask CS to cancel the order. They will be able to cancel it quickly compared to waiting three days for the mutual cancellation to go through - in that time the buyer could decide he doesn’t want the order cancelled, reject the mutual cancellation and you are left with a late delivery notice. Leaving the message in the order may help to prevent the “hey, where’s my order!” problem - it doesn’t always as I’ve still had buyers ask why it was cancelled - but it sometimes works.


Reply to @Woofy31: Thanks! That’s helpful to know!


Reply to @historyadv: if you already delivered those orders, you just have to wait for the buyer to mark them as complete, or if the buyer doesn’t do that, the system will automatically mark those orders as complete after 3 days :wink: And don’t worry, they already paid when they placed the orders.


I’m having issues with buyers after I’ve delivered their order. For some reason or other, they won’t close the orders so they’ve been sitting in the deliver pile even after the deadline. Is there anything I can do? They’d better pay for their services! :expressionless:


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But should I just cancel through customer support? I would just feel bad if then the person is like “why’d you cancel?!” once they realize what happened. But do you think that’s the best route to handle this at this point?


If they don’t answer Fiverr will cancel the gig and it won’t effect your rating :slight_smile:


Reply to @junoteam: Thanks so much for the quick response! So will I need to contact Fiverr for support? Or will the system automatically do it when the gig expires?


Reply to @limelightdesign: Well, this is getting interesting.

What do you think, @oldbittygrandma, since the buyer hasn’t answered at all? If he wouldn’t deliver it, he’ll risk a late delivery. If he’d mark it as delivered, he’d risk a cancellation from the buyer in the near future (plus I don’t know what Fiverr would say on delivering without actually delivering something)…

And then there’s the other way, cancelling through customer support…


Reply to @limelightdesign: the system will not do it automatically - you’ll have to get in touch with the Fiverr support team and ask them to do it, because if the gig expires you’ll see a “late delivery” warning which is bad for you!

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oldbittygrandma said: help me out here... find the "stop the clock" discussion we had and post it here

OK, so here's the discussion:

I've have buyers who tell me on a particular gig, that they are not ready with the buyer requirement, so I write them back and let them know of the consequences I face if the order runs late. I then suggest that I "stop the clock" by placing the order in DELIVER status, I can give them all the time they need to submit. They agree, and so I DELIVER, STAR, and make a note within a inbox message for whatever is owed to them on my part, and let them know not to leave feedback yet, until I deliver the order, and assure them, they have a credit with me for whenever they are ready.

Hopefully OBG's tip will help you, too, @limelightdesign :)

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yep, doing my best to help - always loved to help people! And you + madmoo are my source of inspiration: couldn’t respect you two lovely ones more!

P.S. I’m ashed of asking, but here goes nothing: what stands OP and CS for? :)) I feel so stupid that I can’t figure it out…


Thank you @woofy31 and @oldbittygrandma! The help is appreciated.

Luckily, it actually isn’t my gig that is express so that’s nice. However, I do not want to mark it as delivered without getting the buyer’s consent. It is not that the buyer is not ready necessarily, it is that they have not answered at all since ordering. Do you think that I should still mark it as delivered, assure them the “credit” situation, and the like?

I appreciate your guys’ help very much. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help everyone! I contacted Customer Support and they canceled the order so it wouldn’t affect my rating. It was my first experience with Fiverr’s Customer Support, and they sure were quick!

Thanks again for everyone who put in their two cents.


Reply to @limelightdesign: you’re very welcome! glad you sorted it out :wink: