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I currently have a buyer who placed a direct order, I was online when it was placed and communicated what information I needed to get the job done but got no response. Not only did Buyer pick a wrong package that doesn’t cover what I think he may be asking for but submitted words in requirement that I don’t quite understand whether it is the script or he wants one written. I have sent messages over and over with questions to no response and I see he has been online since.

I have a 4 day deadline so I’m worried because after contacting resolution center to extend delivery time, it says he has 4 days to respond, if he doesn’t respond before then that would make the order late.

Is there a way around this?


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It sounds like you might have to cancel the order.

(Number 4):

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Same here! I got no response, too.
It’s a strange behavior :roll_eyes:

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My problem is it will affect my stats. It is so frustrating.

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Sorry about that. Did you cancel the order?

Yes, it’s frustrating, but if you can’t do the work, you don’t really have much choice.

You can try contacting Customer Support and politely ask for a cancellation that won’t affect your profile, but they’re 10-15 days behind. And a late gig is far worse, as it risks an auto-cancel one-star.

No, the buyer did not order. Just a message if I can do the design job as close as possible.
I message back that I can do it but just need more specific information.
I got no response anymore.
I started doing the job with the few vague information, to have something ready if the buyer comes back.
But no, nothing.

Your situation is a bit heavier. If I were you I would message to the help center. And also maybe do the job and send it to the buyer?

I’m new here and don’t have much experience on fiverr. But I wish you all the best and luck. Hope this will be fine.

I still have the extension of delivery time there with no response. Do I close that request then contact customer service?

There is no job to do because I do not have requirements nor do I understand what was sent. The buyer then went MIA and the clock is ticking

Ok I understand. I suggest to message the support center.
Do we seller don’t have any chance to decline a job if someone click on the order button?

No, you can’t decline a direct order. However, I have just found out that you should make the requirements as tough as possible to avoid annoying buyers.

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No chance to decline for us sellers?
So some trolls could order from someone just to kill there account?
I hope there are some protection, at least.

This should help you a lot

Thank you. I already watched this and did everything. All that is left to do now is to contact customer support and ask that they cancel it without it affecting my stats.

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