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Unresponsive buyer!


So I get this order from a buyer without any detailed instruction. All he did was attach an image with no instruction :confused:. Mind you we never had any discussion prior to this order on my inbox. Now I have tried sending him repeated messages asking for more details on what he needs all to no avail yet he is seen online :frowning:. Please I need your candid advice and suggestions here. Do I have a mutual cancellation on this order? What if he doesn’t respond to it still? As I have 24 hours left to deliver this order. I’d appreciate your suggestions. I look forward to your comments.

Thank you!


Mutual cancellation is probably the best bet, if he doesn’t respond to your messages anytime soon. Do wait a few hours - just in case.


Thanks @thatsmauri for your suggestion. I would wait a little while.If I still don’t get any response I guess I’d have to cancel the order.


It looks like mutual cancellation is the only option. What is the order for? I write for people on fiverr and if they give me a little information they I can at least make a start. It does help if there is a conversation in the inbox first, I agree.


Thanks for your comment @homeestates. The order is actually for a t-shirt design with no instruction just an image attached.


So, what did you do?
Because, same situation here. Buyer ordered a slideshow, sent me a “link to a drop box with all assets and the document with text.” but there is no text. Ordered extra fast delivery, too and the clock is ticking. And most of its remaining time is past midnight, my timezone. No response to my message so far.


I actually initiated a mutual cancellation of the order. :neutral_face: