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Unresponsive Buyers Damaging My Good Following

I have been on Fiverr for a few months, not quite a year. I have been mostly successful with it however, I have noticed lately that I seem to be getting a lot of buyers that are largely unresponsive. There’s been a noticeable uptick in this. I offer website and social media services so at times, I require the buyer to be a little more responsive–such as if I need access to a social media account and I need them to send me the security verification code that is provided to them by e-mail or text message since those are generally not something I have access to myself. If these buyers don’t provide this information, it is impossible for me to complete the work due to their non responsiveness. The clock ticks down and I end up getting a black mark against my account in the form of my 100% rating dropping for something that was not my fault.

Does Fiverr offer some sort of mechanism to pause the clock until the buyer provides the necessary information and that is confirmed by the seller? How do I prevent a job from going against my ratings if the time allotted is up and the buyer still hasn’t provided the necessary information to do the job?

Along those same lines, my required information usually will request things like website URLs, login credentials, among other things I generally need to get the job done. When this information is incorrect (and you wouldn’t believe how often that happens!) I also find myself not being able to do the job needed and usually not being able to get the buyer to provide the needed information. This leaves me with 2 choices–I can either deliver the job to prevent the clock from ticking down which charges the buyer for work not completed and run the risk of them leaving negative feedback OR I can dispute it and try to get them to provide the information necessary on a repeat basis. Cancelling a job automatically goes against the seller and hurts their ratings.

How can we suggest Fiverr fix this issue of unresponsive buyers and put something in place so that the seller isn’t always the one getting screwed in these situations?

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You could make sure anything really needed is in the requirements and set to mandatory (it might be difficult if you’re doing multiple types of things in one gig. Maybe the gig would need to be more specific if that’s the case).

Also you could remove any “extra fast 1 day delivery” on any gigs where it happens a lot. Maybe increase the delivery number of days in the gig set-up for any gigs it happens on.

If they don’t provide all details required you can message them and maybe at some point go to the resolution centre and ask for more time if they still haven’t provided enough info.

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I have done everything you just suggested. Sometimes the dispute center has been effective or requesting additional days to allow for someone unresponsive to provide information but I have had a lot of people who just don’t respond. I am dealing with one right now who has asked me to set up a new Instagram and Twitter profile for his business. Ok fine…but he didn’t tell me what address he wanted it connected to and what he wanted to list the account under. Basically no information whatsoever. I then ran into the issue of each social media site’s various security verification processes–which usually just requires the client provide me with the verification code sent to their email. Once I get that, we are good to go. This client isn’t even understanding that or providing it. I am completely at a loss as to what else I can do that does not negatively effect me. My gigs are pretty specific though…and especially when I require login credentials and either don’t get them because the buyer put something different in that space OR they put incorrect information that doesn’t work in that space.—that’s an issue too. I’m frustrated because this should be necessary information that they should know they need to provide. Bad part is, some of these people don’t even chat me first before they hire me and then they just leave an open job sitting there ticking down.

If the client isn’t understanding what they need to do maybe attach something like an image with screenshots that show step-by-step what they need to do eg. at this page to click here to send the verification code, etc.


That’s a really good idea. I think I might make a set of visual directions in a PDF or something and have that ready for the regular gigs. That may help.

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