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Unresponsive Buyers. Should I be worried?


Hi Everyone

today i am gonna ask something or share my experienced since i worked in Fiverr
a few days ago i got an order from buyer that located at Canada and I as a seller located at Indonesia
so we can see that is a huge different in time zone. I got his order when i am still at midnight time and i quickly response to his message and submit as requested
And 2 days have passed I still doesnt received any messages or responds from my buyer till now
as i notice that fiverr system will mark as completed in 3 days which is today is the second days but i still dont get any respond from buyer and when i check his profile is its says "active 2 days ago"
should i be worried? what if the buyer doesnt satisfied and treat me with bad review?


Hi Victor,
The correct way to deal with this, would be to politely send a message to your buyer saying something in the lines of:
“Fiverr marks a delivered gig complete automatically 3 days after delivery. If you need any changes or revisions, please do not hesitate to contact me about it…”

Something like that.

Good Luck :thumbsup:


If the buyer has a hissy fit and leaves a bad review, then you should contact the buyer first and try to resolve it there. If the buyer still won’t play ball, then you should contact customer support and show them that the buyer didn’t follow up with you after delivery and didn’t give you a chance to change your work. 9 times out of 10, customer support will remove that review.


thanks for you suggestion bro :+1: