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Unresponsive Buyers


Hi Fiverrs!

I have a handful of completed orders and the buyers have yet to mark the job as completed? Should I be concerned?

I communicated with each of them throughout the process and they all replied quickly and seemed happy with my product and service. It was only after the job was completed did they stop communicating. Has anyone experienced this?

Also, I have gigs that were purchased but the buyers have yet to deliver the information I need to complete the job. Can this in any way affect my ratings? I have nudged them when the Fiverr system suggested it.

Any idea how to handle these situations?


I contact all my buyers the day they receive the product, just to ask them if they received everything okay, and for the most part they have rated and completed. I do have 3 orders sitting in limbo. I have messaged the buyers, but have yet to get a response. I’m not sure what to do. The money shows on my revenue page, but I can’t even deliver the orders, because the buyer did not reply. So, I don’t know what to do about that either.


Why can’t you deliver the order? Don’ t you just have to hit the “Deliver Now” button? Or do you have to ship items?


There is no “mark as complete” button. Marking as complete is a synonym for leaving a review. That is how the buyer would “mark it as complete”. If they receive the product, it is nice, but NOT NECESSARY to leave any feedback. You can’t force them to. After 3 days, it is automatically marked as complete and the 14-day waiting period then begins for you to receive the funds. So technically it can take up to 17 days for the funds to clear.

We have all experienced it.

How to handle the buyers who have not entered the info to get started. It is a horrible situation to be in. Why? Because if you go on vacation and suspend your gigs so no one else can order, the buyer with the incomplete order could enter the needed info in your absence which immediately starts the clock. The clock could run out on you without your knowledge and an automatic “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time” message is posted since the buyer could not get into contact with you.

Well, couldn’t Customer Support take care of it now for you? Sure they can, but your cancellation ratio will increase. Not the seller’s fault but Fiverr is imperfect and “Them’s the breaks”. ~X(


Some buyers simply forget, or don’t realize that leaving feedback marks your order as complete. You can always send a message to check in and ensure they are pleased with their order, but it will automatically be marked complete after 72 hours.

However, a “thumbs up” and feedback is always ideal because the more you have influences new buyers when they view your gig.

Best of luck!


OK, thank you both for your help! I’m OK with the 72 hour wait but wasn’t sure if it could have a negative affect. The reviews (or lack of), I guess that’s the way it goes, eh?

Now the buyer not delivering the information to get started isn’t ideal. I’m not planning on going away so I guess that’s OK. Is there a max period of time the order can just sit there? Or will it hang out until they decide to forward the info?


It can stay in limbo indefinitely. That’s what sucks about it.


Just like @jais5678 said, some buyer simply doesn’t know that the order should be marked as complete leaving a feedback.

For this reason, everytime I deliver an order I add a message to the buyer telling that when he/she feels the order is ok, he/she should mark it as complete and leave a feedback.

This helped to me to have a really high ratio of feedbacks/completed_orders in the last period, while in the past I got tons of automatically completed orders but without any feedback.


OK. Thanks for that. I will try that from now on.


Reply to @sdaino: good luck :slight_smile:


Reply to @jais5678: Thanks for the info!