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Unresponsive buyers

I am a logo designer. Have been working here since 2months. Most of the buyers I have dealt with are nice and easy to handle. But the most difficult ones I find are those who are unresponsive.
A buyer who doesn’t communicates at all after placing an order and even after the delivery and let the order auto complete, despite many messages from the seller. But some time after order auto completion they turn up with a negative rating/review for the seller.

Need suggestions on what to do with such type of buyers.

Contact CS…,may be they can help…or offer some extra service to buyer so that they will either remove there rating or make it as positive…may be your FREE offer will make them reply soon…

Thanks for your suggestion. Contacting CS is an option true. But I offered revisions and new designs to such buyers, but no response. This gets frustrating.

I faced Same case But Our Great CS team Solved My Problems. I refund the Buyer without any increase cancellation Rate.

you can contact cs and paste all the screenshots in the attached document. They will sort it out. I would like to offer one advice if you find such buyers in future who are non-responsive, please raise a cancellation request asap. This happened with me as well two times with the same buyer. but both the time cs helped me.

Never begin working on a gig before you have got all the details you need. If a buyer is unresponsive just cancel before the timer hits a point where you wont have enough time to complete the gig.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Do not offer revision, not even refund. If you have done your work properly, stand for yourself. Offering extra is not a nice way to sort out the things.Support team is there for a reason.Just take the screenshots and send to cs with a feedback removal request. It will be sorted. Let me know after your problem is solved.


Well of course I have put up a set of buyer’s requirement questions, which the buyers answer when they are placing the order.But it’s like they go to sleep after placing the order and wake up shortly after order auto completion :slight_smile:

It’s something I find on fiverr all too often. I am a writer and I can get an order with almost no instruction. I then ask for more and hear nothing.

I am left with a decision to make to either try to cancel the order or try to write based on the scant information I have.

Yes you are right about CS.

Yes, I deliver what they ask for and still message them if they need revisions or anything of that sort. Didn’t know that the feedback could be removed without order cancellation and refund.

I have also added a long paragraph on the benefits of ''communication" in the order requirements :wink: , but sometimes it appears that no one pays attention to it.

Yes, it can be. Just contact CS. They may ask you to contact the buyer but you can screenshot the messages where the buyer did not contact you irrespective of your multiple messages.

Well thanks again! for this useful piece of advice.

You are welcome.

I checked your profile, you do not have any negative review. Is it already removed or do you some other account?

Ah well i have my gigs setup so that i rarely need any additional info after the initial requirements are given. Sometimes buyers are too vague but in those cases i just do what i mentioned in the previous comment.

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Actually I think that may be the case some of your buyers avoids reading it. Keep it short.

I would NOT contact CS if the buyer is unresponsive after you have delivered your work. You will find many buyers that place an order and afterwards you will never hear from them again. That’s just the nature of Fiverr. Approx. 1/4 of orders are unrated.
I would suggest to send a quick and friendly follow up message to make sure the client was happy with your work and that’s it.
The rest is up to them. Avoid harrassing clients with messages that is not the right approach.

As for excisting orders, if the buyer placed an order and hasn’t submitted all the requirements you can “Nugde” them by sending them a message.

If the client is still unresponsive you will have to cancel the order.

Best of luck with everything.

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