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Unresponsive/flaky seller

I love Fiverr. I’ve never had any issues during the two years I’ve used Fiverr until very recently. (Well, I actually did have one or two minor issues, but they were resolved. I had wonderful experiences with most of the sellers.) I contacted a seller about a project before ordering as instructed on her profile. She indicates that her average response rate is two hours. She leaves her computer on the whole time since she’s always online, YET I have NOT heard from her for over 24 hours. I’m also a service provider (IRL/offline so far), and I make it a practice to answer inquiries PROMPTLY. So the noncommunication from this seller is unacceptable to me. I know that sellers can get busy, but at least she should have the courtesy to briefly reply to me. She could’ve told me yes or no to my project or that she’d get back to me with more details later. Or she could’ve changed her status on her profile re: workload and response time. But no, she doesn’t bother to do anything. She added another order in queue around the same time or right after I contacted her, so that’s why I’m not very thrilled about this. I don’t know if something is going on beyond anyone’s control (including a system/messaging snafu on Fiverr), so I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt in the meantime, but if I don’t hear from her for a week, I’ll write her off as a flake, and I won’t recommend her to anyone. (BTW, Fiverr censors names of sellers on forum posts.) She has really good rating on Fiverr, and she’s the only one so far on Fiverr who provides the service/style I’m looking for. I’m honestly upset about this. Too bad there isn’t a rating system for responsiveness for impending services. All of the ratings are for completed and cancelled services only.

Does anyone ever have this problem? I’m curious.

Sorry to hear about the unresponsive seller!

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. The seller doesn’t indicate the response time. It is calculated automatically by Fiverr. The seller can’t change it as she sees fit.

  2. A seller can’t “add another order in queue”. Once a buyer places an order, it is added to the queue automatically.

  3. Each rating you see is a combination of 3 components: communication with seller, service as described, and buy again or recommend.

  4. Messages on Fiverr sometimes don’t go through, or get delayed (they usually get delayed if you mention words like “pay”, “Paypal”, “money”, “skype”, “email”, or anything that indicates attempt to communicate and/or pay outside of Fiverr).

I hope the seller answers you soon, and that you are happy with her service!

Some people actually have things going on in their life which means they can’t respond quickly. Hell, sometimes I am unable to respond for 24+ hours because I am travelling. My response rating will not go beyond an hour though.

We sellers can’t be at the beck and call of everybody to respond as soon as you want us to respond. This is the thing that irritates me the most about Fiverr. People expect a reply within minutes/hours, which is just not feasible all of the time.

I use a designer who always has over 20 orders in his queue and if he doesn’t answer in 24 hours I am slightly annoyed but knowing how great he is, and how much in demand he is, I forgive him. And this includes after I place an order.

Well this also works both ways. I have a new video gig in which I send people a story board file to complete after ordering and have three buyers who haven’t bothered to return this even after repeated reminders that I need it to actually do the work they want.