Unresponsive seller


A seller did some audio files for me. She says she finished 50 files and sent me a dropbox link. There were 6 files. I thanked her and asked about uploading the rest. I she she’s been online, but no response. It says the job will auto complete. Next steps?


First you need to request a modification so that it cannot autocomplete.
That should also get the seller’s attention if they are trying to wait for that.
If there is no communication after 24 hours I would request a cancellation.


Thanks for that advice. That is what I thought. I requested a revision, though, it still says it will autocomplete. I don’t think the seller is up to anything, just maybe not getting the message or some other difficulty.


If you clicked on “Request Modification” it won’t auto complete. Maybe you will hear back from her tomorrow.


Yes, but know in the message box we can see the last online time. So if she keep coming online but never replies. You need to take actions. But if her last online time goes way more back that because of some issue with her or she forgot her login :smiley: lol


Interesting thing. Although I clicked “request revision” on two occasions, it didn’t mark the project as in revision. It was not until today, on the third attempt, that it marked the project as in revision. Seems to be a bug in the Fiverr interface. At any rate, the project is now in revision. The seller has uploaded 11/50 of the files as of 24 hours ago, so hopefully she will get it sorted.


Inform fiverr customer support about these little bugs. It will be good for everyone.