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Unresponsive, slow, buggy website

Has anyone else been experiencing as the title expresses a very buggy, slow, unresponsive experience here on Fiverr. It’s been over a week, I’m an avid fiver seller and user and delivery buttons are disappearing, attachment buttons are disappearing, files take forever to upload and pages take very very long to load on a 50mb/s connection.

It’s now to the point where it is interrupting my productivity massively.

Yes, unfortunately. Very slow and now it seems a major issue with revenues stats.

i thought it was my poor internet connection, but fiverr is really slow not my internet :-/

This is from back in November but there are very brief slow periods usually lasting less than half an hour occasionally.

I am also experiencing odd problems and thought it was me. I only just began using Fiverr in December but can’t see how it works if this is how the site is. Currently, I have a client who would like to submit a very large order but his Order button has disappeared! Time is money and I’m losing the faith, though there wasn’t much to begin with as I barely got out of the gate. Seeing these comments doesn’t help. Does anyone at Fiverr recognize or acknowledge this is happening?