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Unresponsive, slow pages

Hi all - I need to do one thing and have been trying to do it for the past 3 hours.

Is anybody else finding pages very slow or unresponsive when loading?

In particular with the Dashboard.


Hi, do you work with apple products?
I have the same problem I can’t see fiverr with Apple products in desktop mode I tried safari chrome Firefox browsers and also different Apple products and they all with the same problem, but when I upload fiverr on my computer /android it’s all good

Yes, I work on an Apple Mac through Safari.

I’ve been trying to load ‘My Buyers’ screen since my last post (almost an hour ago) but with no luck.

Anyone else finding this a challenge?

I send to the customers service email about it.waiting for there answer
You should inform them also about this.

I have done. Let’s see if they can fix it!

No response on this yet, do let me know if you hear back from them!

Just received a response from Customer Support.

They know there’s an issue with Safari and are working on resolving it. They’ve said Chrome should work fine.

Looks like it’s a waiting game!

I’ve been having this same issue for two days! Thank you for posting about it. I wouldn’t have guessed it’s a Safari thing. I even did a withdrawal to Paypal yesterday and for the first time ever, it didn’t go to Paypal right away. My balance is still sitting in my account even though I’ve gone through the proper Fiverr steps.

And yes, my dashboard and other pages aren’t loading. Frustrating! I guess I might have to download Chrome for now…

Me too! For now I’ve been using Chrome.

I have had the same issues on Safari for the past few days. My pages aren’t loading fully, therefore I cannot access the paperclip to attach the documents for delivery. It has caused a big headache and some gigs to be delivered late. I am going to download firefox for now and see if that fixes it.

I’m downloading Chrome to see if it helps. I’m in vacation mode currently and can’t get myself out of it because the page won’t load. Very frustrating!

Indeed, Chrome works better…yay!