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Unsatisfactory Work by Seller. Dispute Resolution Options

I want to order a gig from someone. Somewhat of a "custom Gig."

If in the event that the seller does not deliver completely on the service he is supposed to deliver. I will obviously insist that he deliver 100%, and if he still does not, I will obviously ask for a refund, or ask that the funds not be released until then.

However, I know that the service provider will need to approve that the funds be released back to me, in the event that I ask for a refund. And if he does not do this, which he obviously will not, fiverr used to have this policy that the funds will simply be in a “pending state” for 2 years if he still does not deliver on his job and also does not agree to a refund. After which the funds will revert back to me.

Is that correct, does anyone know if that policy still exists?