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Hello everyone, I have been with fiverr since 2013. I’ve had some great experiences and some challenging experiences. Example I’ve had sellers that I wasn’t satisfied with. I would overlook their work, and find someone else to finish the job. I also would continue to give them a good rating and tip. Now since the prices has increased. I have seen more top level sellers with great comments and great level status. This can be deceiving, we hire seller base on their comments and level status. If hire someone and you are not satisfied with their work.Then you have a problem, but I you have already payed them for their work. God forbid if you have a deadline for your project, then what. Fiverr policy is to reslove the issue with the seller. What I have also experienced, some of these sellers are overloaded with projects and they can’t keep their deadline they will have you agree with them for more time. We all have deadlines you need your product and depend on them for service. work, after you contact Fiverr again they tell you to work it out with the seller, after you have given the seller multiple attempts you feel helpless regarding a resolution. The question I ask myself, at what point do you say okay there’s no resolution to this problem. Even if you request a refund, Fiverr still ask you to resolve the issue. We are supporting not only Fiverr but also the seller and their service. If you go to a department store and purchase a product; it has a return policy for that product you are entitled to a refund, I not sure the seller are govern accordingly Fiverr policy. Here is the most unsettling thing about this situation, if you don’t resolve the issue with the seller, it don’t matter any way because after 3 days. Fiverr marks the project complete, regardless of your complaint. I’m not sure what road to take from here, I just want to know if anyone has experience this same issue, if so what steps did you take to resolve the problem.


I am a buyer and a seller and I’ve had plenty of great experiences as well as some poor ones. I’ve never had an issue resolving a poor situation because I have full control over completion as a buyer.

If a delivery is not correct, I press the button to request a modification. I explain to the seller what I need fixed. If the seller doesn’t fix it, I request another revision and inform Support. Note - this is only effective when the seller has delivered something that is not correct. If the issue is just personal taste, I complete the order and leave a review.

In every case I’ve had, sellers have eventually delivered a corrected order, given a refund or Support has intervened. This is because I never let a bad delivery go to automatic completion.


Thank you for your input, remodification was ask and on 3 different times. The final straw was, when i ask her after she missed the deadline where is my product. She gave me a lame excuse her computer crashed but i see you every day online for hours.

Also when I ask for a refund. I ask for half which I thought was fare…

A seller has no way to refund half. Fiverr handles all refunds and you get a full refund (minus Fiverr fees) or no refund. If the seller couldn’t complete the work in a timely manner, ask Support to refund you. It’s not more complicated than that.

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I did request a refund from Fiverr. Nina Fiverr assistant whoever she is, keep redirecting me to the seller and try and work things out. when you spend almost a $100 and don’t get the service you want, I’m sure you would be pissed also. I’m going to send a letter of concern to the NY office because this is not acceptable .

For this bit, you can click the seller’s gig(s), and see “x orders in queue”, maybe order from someone who doesn’t have that many orders already lined up, or contact them before you order to specifically ask if they can currently guarantee the delivery time displayed on their gig.

As many other sellers, I make use of the “limit orders in queue” function, which pauses my gigs automatically if I get more than x orders, to avoid getting overbooked, but most probably not all sellers use it.


I wouldn’t spend $100 on a seller I hadn’t worked with before, so this wouldn’t happen. Fiverr typically refunds readily on reasonable demands, so your case is not average. I don’t think a letter would do much and Fiverr HQ is in Tel Aviv, but good luck!


Projects with tight deadlines are the trickiest. Which is why I decline to take most of them.

I’ll second the advise to check the number of orders in queue and definitely the location of the seller to insure your timezones either match or are not too far off. When you’re 8-12 hours apart any urgent project becomes an uncontrollable mess.

Then I’d contact the seller prior to ordering and clearly express that this has to be delivered on a certain date and if there is any delay the project becomes completely unusable to you. Once the seller acknowledges that, I think you’ll have a strong enough case for a full refund if something goes wrong and the seller will be aware it matters to you and won’t go the “dog ate my homework” route. (That being said, I’ve spent 6 hours in the emergency room with my cat yesterday and if I had any urgent projects I’m aware how it’d sound to the buyer).

I’d also make sure that the amount of work you need to be done can realistically be done in the timeframe you have. Ask a few people if you have to. All the !!! 12 hours delivery, unlimited revisions !!! offers are great and all but only if they are somehow grounded in reality.

After minimizing all the risks, fiverr becomes an effective enough tool for anything time-sensitive. There is always a space for human error to happen once or twice but if this situation happens to you regularly I’d reconsider the overall approach.


Some gigs, like animation gigs for example, requires a lot of time to complete and there fore a high price tag, you saying that you would’nt pay 100$ for a seller who never worked with you before does not apply to all gigs … you are misguiding priest131 and other buyers who are watching this thread, i’m saying this in a friendly way.

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Yes, it applies to ALL gigs. I purchase higher priced products routinely and I sell them too. As a seller, I am not afraid to have a buyer try a sample order of $10-50. It protects us both. Higher prices can come later. Buyers who have more disposable income are welcome to risk more up front, that’s fine for them. Not everyone should do that. If you sell complex products and are afraid to offer buyers a sample option, you might not be as suited for anonymous freelancing. Go local. Pushing buyers is not the answer.

This buyer would have been safer doing something different. The seller wouldn’t be as likely to end up with a negative review either. I disagree with your intention and comment. No other problem.

I actually do not disagree with you now, but …
No one is afraid of anything, No one is pushing buyers to do anything either, if the buyer himself is satisfied with what he saw in the portfolio and asks for a big service, then why not ? if he asks for a paid sample then that’s fine too, it doesn’t matter, maybe because i’m talking from my own perspective, i agree that there are some sellers who put work on their portfolio that they didn’t do but that is very rare… , you probably had a bad experience or two… and i understand.
Ps : My inetention is good but you are making me sound very negative, and i don’t know why …

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Sorry, I did come off brisk. (Rough night.) I didn’t feel I was misguiding anyone. I agree that some buyers assess and buy at higher prices, but they should only do it if they are prepared for risk. I don’t order expensive items from unknown websites either, I feel it’s unsafe for me. I have a wealthy friend who spends $800 on a random new EBay seller and if it goes wrong, she can sort it out slowly through PayPal. I see it as an individual risk assessment issue.

Sorry about being harsh in response, I see your point as well.

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It’s ok, we all have bad days :slight_smile:
Like i said, i do not disagree with you, but i’m glad that you got my point.

Take care,

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I use this feature but found that buyers can still place an order. :confused: I had my limit set to two on one of my gigs that takes more time and I got a third order. So I paused it until I was caught up.

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Hm, are you sure you have “Keep direct link active” switched off? If not, former buyers or anyone who has a direct link, I guess people who never ordered but maybe saved the gig maybe even too, can order, so I have that turned off as well.

Yep, I just looked and it is off.

Not a former buyer, but I had two booked and one of those buyers came along and ordered a second letter from my business letter gig.

Then I don’t know, I never had that happen. Though once a buyer somehow managed to order the same custom offer twice (accidentally), which shouldn’t really be possible either. :woman_shrugging:

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I was totally surprised :astonished:

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Never give job to these sellers who does not understand Time is money. I always believed in time is money because I know they importance of time and I love my work because my work is my passion makes you successful