Unsatisfied client wants another version


How should I deal with this?

My gig is recording piano takes for anything.

It’s not the 1st time this is happening, the client has a very poor English, he then complain that I didn’t understand him, He said what I did is nice but that its not what he ment.

I said no problem ill do another but that’s another gig, he then become angry saying what I did is useless and that I’ve been reading wrong.

What would be the best way to respond?



I have had buyers who have changed their mind on the instructions after delivery and then expected a full rewrite. The first couple of times I made the changes to help build the feedback but then made a change in my gig description to state that a free revision is allowed if I have made the mistake - ie. if the buyer changes the instructions afterwards then another gig will need to be placed. I’ve not had a buyer leave negative feedback since I state it upfront (yet, at least).

If I’m unsure of the instructions or I think they will cause problems later, I will seek to clarify. Language barriers are a major issue with sites like that - I have suffered from that in many places with working online. Take the situation and learn how you can help prevent it happening again.

Good luck!



I thought about your reply, it was also my instinct to protect my 100% rating by all cost.

But I’ve decided actually I had it with it, I’m drawing the line here.

I wrote him that this are the rules of the game and thats why it’s 5$ for better or worse. If he’ll give me a negative feedback because of this… So be it. It’s a matter of principle. I’m only doing this for the fun of it, it’s not my life’s job, and most people who hire me understand its a treasure to hav my product in that price.


communication gap could be a big problem on internet cause people gather from around the world. Now if i’d be in this situation i will surely try to look again what buyer wants and re-deliver him/her again.


some buyers want to get 2 works for one gig


Thanks, good points.


We should have a ‘scam list’ here … to avoid ‘some buyers’


I usually refund the buyer and move on. Save yourself a hassle and disappointment.


I offer 1 free re-do. Then I feel comfortable about charging another 5 bucks… because by the third time it wasn’t my fault for sure… And that will cost.


I do whatever it makes to make the buyer happy, I’ve done as many as 4 revisions. It’s worth it for my 100% gig rating. Customer satisfaction at all costs.