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Unsatisfied stubborn client

Hello! I have a client that ordered from me to create him a database. I created it. I told him that in order to publish it online, he should have access to a public server in cloud. He now says that i don’t know to develop apps and proposed a cancellation (just messaged, not actual cancel invitation). What should I do?

Well, I can’t say for sure, because I don’t know the whole story, but if I assume you do know what you’re doing, try to explain to him nicely and extensively, because that is the only way to final success for both of you. :wink: Any other way will lead to cancellation or bad review. :wink:

Well, long story short we talked to make him a database and later in another gig to create an android app related to that public database. I tried over and over to explain what is needed to be done with that database (to be put on cloud) and what is next to the project. He proposed firebase, what is not suitable for this particular project, and told me that i am don’t know how to do apps and please cancel this. I am aware that both a cancellation and bad review will harm my account, but what should I do?