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Unseen Reviews System for sellers

Fiverr has brought a change in order review system. Seller cant see buyers review before writing his own experience.

What do you think about this? share your views

In different social media groups, even in fiver forum, I have seen many posts about this and many users are against this.


Just because some sellers don’t want to share what really happened in order page. When the deliver something lower than buyers expectation and get “1:star:” experience than they take revenge by giving 1 star back. And when they deliver something bad but buyer give them 5stars (just because buyer know that seller’s rating matters) they will write “outstanding experience”.

Isn’t this unprofessional and something bad that make any market worse?

But for me, it is something good. I don’t look at what the buyer has written. It is unprofessional to write your review after looking at buyers review. Buyer has his own expectations and story, and the seller has his own. Each side should write his own story. It is so sad to see some people writing Outstanding Experience to a buyer giving 5stars and 1 star to those giving a negative review. Such users never write what happened during the order.

Personally, I buyer left 4.5stars but my experience was 5stars. I just asked him what was the problem and he told me. Now I have fixed that problem in my gig and it’s going well.
Another buyer gave me 5stars but it was not 5stars from me becuase buyer was responding too late and there was very poor communication.

What Fiverr has written in the box where seller/buyer write the review? I don’t remember the exact wording but it is something like “share your experience”. So, write our own experience of order. Ask your buyer about what was wrong and try to improve your services. It is the best way to grow this market.



If you type “blind review” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed subject although very few would agree with you.


Hi @lloydsolutions!

Thanks for your response.

I have read many posts and respect everyone but for me it is good. After this change, I have seen many people writing review honestly.
If someone give me 1star than I should think about my mistakes instead of taking revenge… According to me It is a kinda bullying and unprofessional and also against rules of fiverr.

I just tried to share my point of view in this post :slight_smile:


So glad you’re happy! :slightly_smiling_face:

I still think it’s a nonsense to give sellers the opportunity to review a buyer for something that costs as little as a cup of coffee. If I felt I’d done everything right as a buyer and got a less than perfect review from somebody to whom I paid less than £5, you wouldn’t see me again for dust. :wink:

How would you react if servers in coffee shops were able to review you as a customer, and that review stayed with you every time you went in there, or any other of their branches? This seems like the online equivalent of exactly that.


Everyone didn’t understand or maybe some sellers understand but they just wanna hide their some special stories…
If everyone, buyer and seller write their reviews honestly it will make this marketplace a heaven to all of us :slight_smile:

I’m with mv on this one… Fiverr’s own “current” buying/selling setup doesn’t need the BRS. I’d feel differently if this were a BID site but it’s not. It’s a service’s site.

Consider this - I recently wrote a review about a local company in my town on their FB page - it was both positive and negative. Positive because the variety of foods they offer is awesome; negative because their rewards system needs a bit of work. Instead of tying a rewards system to a person’s credit card, it should be tied to a person’s phone number. I lost reward points because I HAD to close out my credit card after someone stole my number.

The company followed up with me privately about the issue and was going to make good on my getting those points I had “supposedly” lost. They also thanked me about the recommendation to do a phone number reward system instead of a credit card tied one (why one is even developed is beyond me).

Now, I posted this review to help the company see a problem. And, instead of bashing me as a customer on their page, they requested I talk to them privately via chat about the issue so they can make things right. They know that public bashing of customers can hinder their business. It’s a service-based company.

Same thing applies to Fiverr.

Our buyers are customers of our “services”. Therefore, unless Fiverr allows us to see buyer reviews from other sellers, allows us to accept or decline jobs and gives us a rebuttal to the buyer’s blind feedback, the BRS is pointless.

Bashing a happy 5-star customer with a 1 or 2 star because they were pickier in our minds is like shooting ourselves in the foot, especially if we can’t offer a rebuttal to the buyer’s feedback. It would be different if, again, this was a bidding site. It’s not! It’s a services site. Bidding vs. services - the BRS system doesn’t work here on Fiverr. That’s my opinion.

As for me, I’ve pretty much stopped answering feedback. I’ll do it every now and then but I have 6 feedbacks that I’ve yet to leave a response to. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer care. I hate having to repeat that the buyer never got back to me with an indication of any problems with the order, but as far as I was concerned that the project was fine. It gets a bit redundant, especially if the buyer orders, gives me my information and leaves me to the order.


Hi @designerking543
You have a great mind!!
However, there are some outlier cases. Think in this direction.
Some sellers can always sense your high level of desperation to please them and exploit you.
Let me give you an example:

There was a time when I was selling three 500 words manually written articles for $20. One day a buyer suddenly ordered this gig variant. And instead of dropping 3 topics she dropped 5.(to avoid argument with the buyer I did not complain) Along with my younger brother we wrote it for her and delivered. She came back after a while and issued a complain that the fifth article did not address the issue she wanted it to address, so she requested for a revision. I did a comprehensive research and I discussed the article’s topic based on my research findings. We later found out that she was the one that gave me the wrong topic. she requested for a review and changed the topic. (Making 6 articles instead of 3) she eventually left without giving neither a review nor a feedback.
Now, let’s assume that I did only 3 articles as stated in my gig’s description. Don’t you think she will not forget to review. Perhaps leave a 1-star rating. Now, in a blind review system, how will I tell subsequent potential buyers visiting my gig page that the buyer was requesting for free services which I did not offer and that was why she left a 1-star review and a horrific feedback when I’m not even sure if she left a 1-star review.

Not having a blind review system in place in this case, is the only way through which i can protect myself from the buyers assault.

With a blind review system. She will get away with all these and hurt me

The Blind review system has both advantages and disadvantages .


Exactly. I do not want to bash a client or complain unless there was an abusive or dishonest tactic used by the buyer. And even then it is just to explain why this sadistic buyer left me a one star review.


@videoarticle thanks for your sharing your view. You are right. Such buyers exist and more painful thing is that @Fiverr doesn’t do any thing in this regard. Fiverr should make some laws related to such buyers. . . . .

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That right there though… How are we to know the buyer is leaving us a one-star review even if we felt we had a bad experience with them? They could end up leaving us a 5-star review. I reiterate… we are a services-based website, not a bidding site. So, unless Fiverr is changing its model entirely, a BRS isn’t needed here.


@emeraldawnn I agree and came close to leaving someone who left me a great review a less than 5 star review because on anxiety over a misunderstood comment of his. In the case of my bad buyer I knew he would leave a one star review based on over two weeks of abuse and tried to get a refund/scam buyer.


This is a viewpoint that I never thought about. What you said about the buyer has his own story and the seller has her own really stood out.

I completed an order last week and I did feel anxiety before writing my review, since I did not know what the buyer had written. It was a very uncomfortable position to be in, even though we seemed to get along just fine with the order. I had delivered early and over-delivered too, as is my practice. I just wrote what I felt, which was all good. Of course her review was great, and I felt great.

Your views on this issue have helped me a lot and they will calm my fears as I continue to deal with this new system. Thank you for sharing! :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:




I did’nt know about this before…Thanks for sharing


In a perfect world where buyers write in reviews what actually happened this is true. In the real world is unprofessional not to look. Two simple examples of why blind reviews are a bad idea:

  • Scammers. People that scam. Yes, they exist, and they operate on this land. I had once a buyer that asked me to edit his book. I did. After I delivered the order he started to ask extra things for free, like publishing his book online on KDP. I said that it was not part of the deal. He left 1-star review lying that I haven’t done anything, when the agreed-upon order was delivered. How I could have defended against him with a blind review?
  • People that are slow. They exist, and they are sometimes our clients. I don’t expect my clients to have perfect knowledge and perfect English. That’s why they hire me. So I had this client once, really hard to work with. Pretentious, didn’t understand why I can give him my email, saying that all the other sellers gave him, etc. With a huge amount of patience, I managed to make him understand. I made the order for him, he was thrilled. He left a 5-star review saying that his experience was amazing. Should I have said that he was a hard person to deal with? That I needed huge amounts of patience to work with him? Ofc not. He would have never come back.

If the vendor on my favorite supermarket tell me that my ____ is not that good, I will never come back. Nothing professional about pointing out flaws in clients.
Bottom line, I think that what you consider professional is not what it really means.

“Professional behavior is a form of etiquette in the workplace that is linked primarily to respectful and courteous conduct. Many organizations will have a formal code of professional conduct in place, but many do not. Believe it or not, professionalism and ethical behavior can benefit your career and improve your chances of future success.”

Nothing respectful or courteous about telling your clients they are hard to work with. Ofc it is hard, that’s why you are paid.

Oh, and you say that you have nothing against the blind review, but you did like to have the ability to respond to these buyers.

How you would have looked with a 5 star “great experience” review because you had no idea what was about to happen? Some people leave negative reviews out of the blue. Sure, you have a big amount of reviews now, but how about when you where a beginner? A lying 1-star can jeopardize someone’s career, especially if that 1 star can’t be defended.

You DID looked. Many times. :wink:


You know, staff does not give you points or help you if you say good things about the blind review system.


@manucornel Thanks for sharing your point of view …
I agree with you. Such buyers exist but we should contact Fiverr CS and tell them to make some laws regarding such people.
As far as my experience with these two people matters, so, this may look “TIT FOR TAT” to you. But in reality, it is not. It was just my experience. I have tried to explain what happened in “19.5DAYS” lol. And my 2nd review is explaining himself :slight_smile:
And it is same what I am telling, “write your story happened to you during order”

hahaha I know :smile: I am not here to collect 5stars as somepeople are doing on fiverr :slight_smile:
Just try to think in a positive way about people. You can disagree with me but thinking like this is -_- really embracing. :slight_smile:
what if I say “they don’t give points on calling it bad” ???

@misscrystal having different point of view isnt a big problem. We are living in a word where everyone have right to express his/her feelings and thoughts (Only if his/her feelings/thoughts doesnt hurt someone else). My opinion have no harsh words or any thing like this. That’s why I just shared it here to help people :slight_smile: and m happy it helped some people. :slight_smile:

But you’re not taking revenge, you’re telling your side of the story.

Look at Yelp, someone stays at a hotel and writes something nasty, then the owner of the page might reply: “We’re sorry you had a bad experience” or “Sir, what you wrote wasn’t true, we do have a pool and a jacuzzi but you didn’t find it.”

That’s a win/win for everyone.

Amazon also demands that the reviews be from the people who bought the product, that often prevents fake reviews.

The new system forces me to write “Thank you for your order” because I have no idea what the buyer wrote.

What if the buyer writes that I’m a great guy, and I write “I didn’t enjoy interacting with this buyer, he was rude.” Then I look really bad.

Besides, any buyer that gives me 5 stars is a good buyer in my book, regardless of how good or bad the experience was.