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Unsolicited Custom Offers

There has become an irritating trend of I purchase a gig and then all of a sudden I am bombarded with custom offers from sellers I have had no interactions with. Which I find rude and annoying. Whoever told these sellers this was the best marketing strategy. Maybe some people bite to this but I am not one of them. So my question to fiverr is why can’t I report the offer being that I never asked for it. Secondly I saw in the thread that they can check out other gigs and if your leave a review you can become a target of spam which is understandable. But that doesn’t answer for the ones I don’t leave a review for, so is there chance of whom I am buying from giving my information to another person to hit me up for the same services. Like I just purchase one gig haven’t left a review so how does another person send me a custom offer after I just purchased the gig. So now not only do I have to worry about not only being spammed with unsolicited custom offers I have to wonder if the seller is giving my information to other fellow people that offer the same type of gigs. And when I say giving who to say they don’t make a list of their buyers and then sell that list to other sellers whose gig is similar. I know I sound paranoid but I have no other reasonable answer as to how another seller would know I just purchased something along the lines of the gig I bought MAINLY if I haven’t even reviewed that gig yet. And Fiver you should have an option for people to tag these UNSOLICITED CUSTOM OFFERS as such to flag these people. Mainly if the website don’t see any interaction between the buyer and seller at all from questions etc. By them not messaging you they going around the report as spam button.

You can always contact Customer Support to litigate this issue. Giving away information without your consent is a huge violation.

Yes I have just done that. I had to get if off my chest. Because I sell to so when I see Fiver my first thinking is someone inquiring about a gig to see that some person sent me a custom offer for something I didn’t ask for. But as of recent I was like how they hell the know I got that when I didn’t leave a review.

I doubt it has anything to do with leaving reviews. I’ve bought a lot of gigs and left reviews on almost all of them, but I’ve never seen a correlation. I do get unsolicited custom offers at random.Some see things I’ve written in the forum. Some might be rule-breakers who have more than one account and are sending you offers from their other accounts.

I think some desperate sellers just surf through gigs and contact the seller with an offer. They try to send them to buyers but realize that they are blocked from doing that, so they send them to sellers instead.

I agree that we need a report or flag button on Custom Offers. The best way to get that is to keep on complaining but not so often that you get in trouble for spam. Post your suggestion in the forum Suggestion Box and be professional with it.

Since you already sent it to Customer Support, that may be all you can do for right now. If they don’t add a way to report those in 6 months, you’d probably be safe enough to send another ticket requesting again. If everyone keeps asking, perhaps eventually it will happen.

Yes, I am hoping they add this because I just got another one again today. :confused: But I will offer in the suggestion box.