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Unsolicited gig offers?

Recently I have been inundated with unsolicited gig offers to promote my work to millions of facebook fans at a time. (As if that’s even believable). I’ve had unsolicited messages in the past from other sellers and there messages were always accompanied by a report button, which I always pushed, thus preventing that seller from contacting me again. With the gig offers, however, these sellers seem to have found a loophole, because not only are there no report buttons with the gig offers, these gig offers don’t go away after you reject the offer. They sit there in your to do list, forcing you to stare at them every time you go into your to do list. grrrrrr

Does anybody have any advice for dealing with these lowlifes?

Ah! Thank you so much for giving me that tip!

I had the same problem, so I contacted Customer Support today.
They removed the annoying spam from my to-do list within an hour or so.
You should contact them too! :smiley:

thanks for sharing :smiley: