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Unsolicitied offers? Are these people legit?

Hello there! I have just made an observation that whenever I put up a data entry/virtual assistant gig up, I always get these icky unsolicited offers from nowhere, even when it states that I do not want to deal with them, and that they have to adhere to what my gig states.

So far, I’ve gotten offers from Mypayroll HR, which has a legit website and legit reviews, but when they contacted me, the orientation process was so stupid! It was too good to be true-a higher than decent pay for someone who they had not even trained…sign some one page contract,in the end, the person told me that they wanted me to buy blank paycheck books from Amazon because I’d be writing paychecks…again…why do you trust ME, to write these checks??

Moving on, there’s this new chick today claiming she’s from Recruit Express, and that I’d need to contact " Mrs Audrey Smith (HR Officer) up on skyp* for immediate typing chat interview.There you will get to know about the company, their services and more about the job. " Well gee, give me a chance to kindly decline your offer. Why be so pushy?
I look them up, again legit everything, only thing is, they have the worst reviews EVER.

Anywayssss, I just wanted to hear if anyone else got any offers like these, specifically from THESE companies/people? This is also my first forum post, and I’m still relatively new, so go easy on me haha, thanks.

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Welcome to the forum! :sunny:

Might be a good idea to remove all the usernames etc. from your post if you could please.

Oh my sorry! I just realized that I should remove the skype username,thanks


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wrote about something similar yesterday.

Be careful, these con artists are on the loose.


Just finished reading your forum! And yes, these bogus messages are so annoying, I think what just irritates me is just the fact that they’re so pushy. :roll_eyes:

Well, now I’ve confirmed my own hypothesis, that admin/data entry services really do get the most bs to deal with, yikes.

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Ok so Recruit Express is a scam? I’ve been wondering, but the site seems legit, they have reviews on glassdoor- bad ones, but it’s part-time remote, I don’t care. I’ve been asking a million questions and kinda getting answers.

What are they scamming for?

If they demand you contact them on Skype, it means they’re demanding that you violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service and contact them outside of Fiverr. In other words, they’re asking Fiverr sellers to do something that would get them banned from Fiverr. Even if you don’t care whether you get banned from Fiverr or not, could you possibly trust a company that does that?


Sounds like a scam.

20 characters

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I think you can’t 100% say that if they are from XYZ well known company as how you can trust on them that they are from Recruit Express or any other well known company ?

Don’t believe on their usernames or if they mention we are from xyz company as I have had a similar type of issues earlier but i simply report them and move on instead of wasting time on them.

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Those things are annoying, luckily for us, Fiverr give us a pre-written Quick Response.


Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn’t align with the service that I offer.

You can also report certain messages as spam, but please don’t abuse the system.

Spam isn’t, “Hi, do you write bios?”

Spam is: “Hi, I have an amazing way to make $$$, but you must contact me at XYZ.”

I see you’re a website tester. Where you hired to test the website or the orientation process?

Being asked to sign contracts and buy things on Amazon raises all kinds of red flags for me.

You always have the right to say no. I refuse to sign contracts because Fiverr doesn’t want me to share personal information.

Buying things is also dangerous because if your buyer cancels, you’ll have to ask Amazon for a refund.

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I dealt with this same thing at another freelancing site I work at. It was earlier this year, and I was hired by a company to do social media for them. Or so I thought. They started asking all of these weird questions, wanting odd pieces of information and constantly wanting to chat outside of the freelancing site. Needless to say I bailed on the ‘opportunity’ pretty quickly. I also found out that this same company or individual had multiple accounts at the freelancing site in question, at least 12 of them. All of them were just a name and then a letter. Like Michael P., Steven M., Frank L., etc.


Well, actually at the time, I had a data entry gig and website testing gig simultaneously (I still do the website testing gig though because it’s decent + brings good revenue). No, what they were requesting was nothing that I agreed to do in either of my gigs, hence I refused quickly. I was taught nothing during the ‘orientation process’, other than ‘I need your money right now’ or ‘talk to me on skype’ cough cough There were many red flags. I continued to somehow get suspicious characters for my data entry, one person claiming that I need to email people (which was part of the data entry part) that they had found a person who had a treatment for lyme disease. I completed the gig halfway through when I did some deep research and found out that the two people that had found ‘new’ treatments were looney characters (one was a doctor that had gotten banned from a medical forum, the other, just some scam artist). I quickly did some more research and found out that the gig was under a well planned guise for promoting stupid people, and others had fallen for it too, since it met the basic data entry requirements. I canceled and deleted it forever. The data entry gig gave me some wild memories to remember haha.

Yeah, I’ll just play it safe and do web site testing.