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Unstarted Gigs - How Do You Get Buyers to Activate the Gig?

I’ve had a few people purchasing my gig, but then not “activating” the gig by filling in the information.

I suspect that some “newbies” simply don’t know what to do. Do you have any hints on how to prod buyers to get the gig started?

If you haven’t used the “Nudge” button yet, do that. I’m not sure exactly how it nudges them, but it’s worked a couple times for me.

Otherwise, I would suggest messaging them and just asking them to provide the information. Usually I just say something like, “Hi, I saw your purchase, but I can’t start working on it until you…” blah blah blah. You’re right, many newbies don’t understand the order system and that they have to send you something in order to activate the gig.

What emasonwrites says…ditto!

I sell physical items & need a mailing address, so my instructions to buyers asks them to give me this info & occasionally someone has taken several days to respond, even with nudges & emails. Only once did I receive an order from someone who never, ever responded. Eventually I cancelled the order so it wouldn’t sit there all sad & unfilled, but I always wondered if something sad had happened, like a bad car accident. Or worse. I was in a terrible wreck once, was in a hospital not near my home for months. Mostly everyone I saw regularly found out what happened to me, but my long distance friends didn’t know anything was wrong for sure until their emails to me started bouncing back. They knew I worked a lot of hours & just figured I was too busy to answer calls. Plus it happened immediately around Sept 11, 2001 & I live near NYC, so they were scared that I maybe happened to be in the city. So unanswered buyer instructions & nudges are something I don’t like. But mostly I’m sure it’s that people are busy~

I have not yet. send massage them.

I agree with the “nudge” approach. When they fall asleep, it wakes them up.

LOL you would not believe the challenges this fellow had. He originally found me though a tweet … so he contacted me and sent me mail. He actually tried giving me the information by starting his own gig.

The crazy thing is that there is NO really useful help info on Fiverr. I ended up finding a 3rd party youtube video for him. Once he saw the video he was in action within minutes. I felt so sorry for him and so frustrated!

Not sure why Fiverr doesn’t hire a couple of their own customers to make some simple 30 second how-to videos.

Please tell me I’ve missed something!

That would be a good idea because sometimes new buyers do not fully know how Fiverr works. Messaging and nugdeing should do the trick, however I do as myself what would happen if you do not nudge or cancel and just leave the offer be?

Would that be an option? What would the consequences be? For the buyer? For the seller? (I would want to know, I am still pretty new myself.

Hi. How can i see unstarted orders ? I can’t. I check total gigs sold and active orders. They don’t match. but i can’t see which orders to nudge.

When you click on “Sales,” click on the number of “Active” orders (in between New and Completed) you have. It will show you a list of your orders. Orders which have been started have a blue “in progress” tag under the “Status” column, and un-started orders have an orange “incomplete” tag. From there, you can click into an incomplete (un-started) order, and at the top of the order page there is a big green “Nudge” button where the deliver button usually is. Hope that helps!

It can also be kinda scary! I had a guy order my most expensive and time-consuming extra and my one-day delivery, and then just disappeared. I was so scared that he would reappear out of nowhere and start it when I was traveling or otherwise unable to complete it. I nudged him and then fiverr finally let me cancel it.

Reply to @madmoo: madmoo. can you tell me how you get this list ? I can’t see the unstarted orders full list. Fiverr only shows new sales. after couple of days, those orders disappear. I really need this to contact buyers… Thanks.

I have 2 sitting in limbo. I’ve nudged and messaged. I have no idea what to do. I also had another buyer quit responding. I hope something didn’t happen to them! I’ve been worried!

How do you “cancel” an incomplete order? Do you have to contact Fiverr and ask them to do it, or is there an easier way?