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Unsuccessful gigs?


I do whiteboard and graphic designing.

I have few gigs which didn’t generate orders over the past few months.
Is it a good idea to delete those gigs from my account.



Dear deleting a gig is totally up to you. But as a Level 2 seller do not give up that much easily. My golden tip is on fiverr , try to find the deals from the “Buyer Requests” but do not post what you offer there, just check the Buyer Requests page. you will see many buyers who need your service. so you can send a offer to them using your gig.

Hope this will help…

thank you


I had a gig where I didn’t get aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany sales for quite some time, and then one day I got an order. It doesn’t hurt to keep a gig, you never know. :slight_smile:


you can try to gig marketing on social media like youtube, facebook, twitter


Thanks Nthamali85, I’ll do like you said.