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Unsuccessful in Fiverr

Why I don’t get any order on Fiverr??? What should I do???


Make your gigs attractive.
Use eye catchy gig images and create small videos.
Promote your gig on social media, forums etc. It will increase your gig traffic.


Just be patient and determined and you will soon appreciate your work.


Please see my gig, I have make it attractive enough,

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Thanks a lot sir, best wishes to you


You have 15 minutes of read time on the forums. I’d recommend that you take more time to read and learn from some of the excellent guides you’ll find on the forums!


Going on social media is another version of self-promotion. Thanks for the tips

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be patient, i am also facing the same problem, even no-knock from one month

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Follow this, hope you’ll get an order soon.


Thank you so much for sharing man :heart:


Informational conversation.

Thanks and Best wishes !!!

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Hi Apurboboss

Read your post, some people your problem face. is it root? Our gig don’t seo frendly. We should gig url right way…

Thank you

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I am not an expert but always try to do it for myself so just giving you these tips.

  1. How can a man possible to 24 hour’s online so try t be online of the buyers suitable time. Just think about your targeted client and think what is their preferable time.
    02, Try to invest your time in the fiverr forum.
  2. Make your Gig with your related keyword, do some SEO and find keywords that have volume.
  3. Buyer request sent maybe boost your activity.
  4. If you receive any message from any buyer, try to give a prompt request.

Fiverr has its own algorithm so do some research to get it out.

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Investing time in the forums is unrelated to gig performance.

Not attractive enough to attract buyers, it seems.