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Unsure a to what to sell


Good evening all,

I am new to Fiverr and like all new people I am here for extra income! I want to offer a unique service… My first idea was Photoshop :joy: far from unique.

For this reason, I want some creative heads! Has anyone got any ideas for me? What would YOU like to see offered on this site?

I am a creative person, enjoy music, however cannot play, gaming, stocks and shares (Strongest point) and technology in general.

Free to all ideas as I may have missed something off I’d enjoy to try!

Many thanks,
Kieran Baily.


Have a look at this recent thread:


Hi, Kieran. To be honest, if I had an idea, I’d sell it myself, or suggest it to someone I know if it’s not in my area. I don’t think anyone’s got a long list of ‘I really wish I could buy X on Fiverr’, and as the forum is mostly populated by sellers they’re not going to give away potential money-spinners. Do your own research and see what grabs you.


Find a solution for a problem and you got a product to sell.