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Until long time Bayer not response what i do


dear i am a telecommunication engineering students and new to fiver and i have expert in CV making and article writing. if you some work then please help me i will be thankful.

waiting to your good response.

What do you mean “i have expert in CV making and article writing”?

The title of this post says “until long time BAYER not response what i do”

I don’t even need to wonder why the supposed buyer didn’t respond anymore…

I would suggest that you not offer article writing, seriously. Offer something you’re good at.

Please do not continue to spam the Fiverr forums. If you want to post ads, those go in My Fiverr Gigs, but even there you do not need to post over and over again in the same day or two.

Do you see how the Conversations category looks when your picture appears over and over again for similar topics? That is what forum spam looks like.

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