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Ununsed Payoneer Card

I created a Payoneer account 4 years ago but never used it. I recently started earning through Fiverr and was wondering that,

  1. If I use my 4 year old Payoneer account with Fiverr, will Payoneer charge my account the yearly 30$ fee or in my case a total of 120 dollars?

  2. I wanted to upgrade/change my regular Payoneer account to Fiverr Revenue account. Is it possible in any way? Or should I make a separate Fiverr Revenue account?
    I contacted Fiverr support as well as Payoneer support about 10 days ago but I have yet to receive any response from either side.

Please let me know about it. Thanks.

If you have the Payoneer Mastercard, you don’t need to do this. Your current card can be used the same way as the Fiverr card.

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@ahmwritingco thank you for the response. The reason I wish to do this is I have heard that the payoneer’s 30 dollars yearly fee gets exempted with Fiverr revenue account. This is the sole reason I want to shift to the revenue account.

If you do not want to use your payoneer card you can transfer your earning directly from fiverr to payoneer, then to your local bank.

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if you are using payoneer card account then you will be charged for every withdrawal from fiverr and also a monthly maintenance fee will be deducted from your payoneer account.
If you have a payoneer balance account fiverr withdrawals are free and you will be charged only the annual maintenance fee by payoneer.

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Oh ok. Unfortunately, Payoneer are taking a lot longer to reply to people because of the coronavirus. Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon.

I know that in the past a user could remove their card from their account, but I’m not sure if they were also able to reapply for a new card from an affiliate site.

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@hinajehan thanks for responding. I am basically worried that I will probably be charged 120 dollars (as payoneer’s 30 dollars yearly fee x 4) because my account is 4 years old but I never used it.

@edukas thanks for responding. I went to the ‘pricing and fees’ tab in my payoneer account. While I can see there a tab saying ‘1% of total amount charged when receiving amount from US payment service’, I am not sure Fiverr payments will come under that category. Also, there is no monthly maintenance fee or yearly fee listed here. So, I am not sure if I have a Payoneer card account or a Payoneer balance account.

@ahmwritingco thanks for the response. Fortunately, I haven’t added my Payoneer account to my Fiverr. So there would not be a problem of removing an account and trying to add another.

@anas_suleman Fiverr is a considered as a US payment service. Usually in card accounts payoneer charge 1$ for normal loading method. For instant loading it charges 3$.
I have gone through the same issue. It was really difficult for us to understand whether my payoneer account was a card account or balance account. I had to contact CS and clarified it. Then I have deactivated my card account and created a new balance account so that now I do not need to pay for fee when withdrawing from Fiverr

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When you activate your card, then they will charge you, have you activated your card?

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Thank you both @edukas and @hinajehan for the response. I did order a Payoneer card but never activated it. And since I technically don’t have a Payoneer card, I am guessing I still have a Payoneer balance account and I shouldn’t worry about any yearly fees.

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