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Unused credit

I’ve used fiverr several times and have a balance on my account. I want that balance applied to my most recent purchase, but it seems impossible to get that message to the Fiverr accounting department. We can someone help. It’s not a large amount, but it’s mine and I’d like to spend it with Fiverr.

@kjblynx yes @};-

Fiverr Credit will be used ONLY if you order a gig for UP TO the value of your Fiverr Credit. If you purchase an amount over the value of your Fiverr Credit, the system will send you directly to PayPal.

I had mutually canceled a Gig and my funds were returned to my Fivver Shopping Balance. Now, my question is this; If I don’t plan to purchase any gigs for now, but want my funds sent back to my bank. How does put my funds back into my bank account?

Reply to @matafy: It doesn’t as per the Terms of Service. Refunds, which are ONLY due to cancellations, become Fiverr credit. We may not like that rule but we all agreed to it when we signed up. :slight_smile: