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Unusual buyer requested a revision without feedback

Hi, This is my first post on the forum and it is about a bad experience. I received an order about two weeks ago (September 11). It was about creating a website structure chart for three websites. So I delivered my first version on the same day and the buyer requested for some revisions and delivered the revised work later on the same day.
After my first revision the buyer did not respond for three straight days. And on the day the order was to be marked as a completed order (September 16) the buyer requested another revision without providing any feed back. Then he sent a message saying that he will provide feedback on the same day. So I waited for the feedback but did not receive any response. At this time my order was marked as a late order so I sent the buyer a request to extend the delivery date since the buyer is taking time to respond. It was accepted without any issue. Then again the buyer did not respond for another two days.
So I again contacted the buyer about the feed back (September 19) at this time a week has been passed after placing the order. Then the buyer responded saying that “the team is still reviewing” (What kind of a team review three charts for over a week !!!) and will provide a feedback in 2-3 days. This buyer asked me to send a request to extend the delivery date. But the promised feed back did not receive in 2-3 days. So I again contacted the buyer (September 23) about the feedback and still waiting for a response.
What can we do as sellers in this situation ?

After you delivered, the “LATE” status won’t affect your stats (it just does if you run out of time and have not send out your delivery yet), so no need to extend the delivery time again and again. Tell your client how many free revisions he has left on the order and let him know that he has three days to review the work - as stated in fiverrs terms of service. Using the revision button without giving out any comments is forbidden. Ask him kindly for his final feedback within a specific timeframe you set, so you can rework the order. If he still doesn’t respond, I would submit the latest delivery again with the comments I noted above.

There are some clients who do know about this, but still take their time as if they would like to hold your money hostage. But on the other hand there are some buyers who don’t know about the whole process on fiverr and a friendly reminder often helps.


I will try that. Thank you :grinning: