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Unusual Email From Fiverr Team [RESOLVED]

I received an email (not in my Fiverr Inbox) but straight to my email stating there is an open order in DISPUTE for a certain order # with a specific gig. The email states "The dispute does not indicate that the buyer initiated it.“

The sad thing is I don’t have many open orders, so I was able to go through each one to view the order #s. The order # is not showing up in my search results. The email is from "”.

I am waiting on Fiverr’s support team to look into it.

Meantime, has anyone received a message directly to their email?

Is it legit?

What do you think?


To see the order in question go to: (replace FO########## with the order number).



Ohhh, Thank you both.

I used the Fiverr link suggested and replaced with the order #.

The particular Buyer did not make full payment so I sent him another custom offer for the balance.

Interesting! Why would he/she dispute? I bet this Buyer thinks that everything is $5. The Buyer should read my gig details.

Glad I posted on the Forum… :slight_smile:

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Oops. My bad… This is not the same order I mentioned above.

I reported this to CS… and unfortunately the Buyer’s fingers were quicker than her brain when reading what she’s clicking on.

Ugh… I feel bad for the Buyer now. Her account has been removed. She really wasn’t had no bad intent :frowning:

Funny thing is, this was over 2 weeks ago.

Her account isn’t removed permanently. It is only suspended. When a chargeback is made, the buyer is given the opportunity to reinstate their account by loading the funds back into Fiverr. When she does this, her account will be back up.