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Unusual things happened without CS Quick reply

Many Unusual things happened last two months without Fiverr CS support and quick reply.

Last Month, I have completed a order based on client’s requirements and i have built their full eCommerce store but at the end that clients thread me to cancel that project to get that work for free.
I had all conversation and proved that i have completed full store work and client was happy for that work but at the end she threaded me to cancel that project. I have sent several message with conversation screenshot and work proof to Fiverr CS but as i didn’t get one day reply and i was scared so i had to cancel that project and client got that work for free. I did hard work for that project but i had to cancel it without CS Support. :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

Now I’m facing another issues that my all gig doesn’t found in fiverr search results, i believe it’s fiverr bug and it’s not ranking issues, and i’am losing even my best performing gig’s and all gig impression. :fearful:

So how can i survive in Fiverr and Why I’m not getting Fiverr CS Support. :confused:

I did so much hard work to build my carrer with fiverr and now i’m disappointed :disappointed_relieved:


You can try this :arrow_down:

Why do you think it’s a bug?
Ranking depends on your performance and cancellation is a a sign of bad performance so your gigs ranked differently after cancellation.


And this happens regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


I had to cancel that order at 4th Aug and i knew the fiverr rules if i got cancellation then it will drop ranking and it was dropped ranking slightly after 4th Aug but i had some another two project running so i have overcame this issues after completing that running project successfully and my gig got same kind of impression.

And now I’m facing fiverr gig issues, last three days fiverr issues i didn’t find my gig in search results.
Also if i get cancellation for one gig then it will lose rank for that gig and that time but now i’m facing this issues not for one gig but all gigs.

I know that, after cancellation ranking will be drooped but cancellation was 4th Aug and now i’m facing fiverr gig issues.
If it was ranking issues then my gig can be found any pages in fiverr search results and even last page of fiverr search results but i didn’t find anywhere in search results.

Also gig cancellation was one month ago and for one gig but i’m facing issues for all gig that’s why i think it’s fiverr bug and i’m concerned.

Sorry to hear this…
and your are doing very good job 5 star rate as lvl 1.
As long as you you keep promote your gigs from sosmed, people will able to find you.

It usually happens here at fiverr.
If you already contact CS, and you still can’t found your gigs, try to update your gig tag
It can help. Stil when you edit your gigs, your rank will slighly drop a little though.


Thank you.
I already have Contacted CS but i’m not sure why i’m not getting reply from them.

CS are overwhelmed at the moment and are taking up to 10 days to respond.

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Okay But after 10 days will i get CS Support, last month when i have submitted ticket i didn’t get real reply, that support ticked was closed after 10 days without solving issues.
This time for gig issues, i really need help from Fiverr CS. :disappointed_relieved:

You could try sending an email to - put the ticket number in the subject line and ask them to attend to it.


Thank you so much. I have sent message vai email and waiting for CS reply.