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Unverified identity?

I made a fiverr seller account back in september 2019, got my account verified…and then let it sit for a while since I was finishing a contract with another company IRL. I just started offering gigs in February, and completed one successfully.

Then I got an email about 20 minutes ago:

I’m so confused. My identification was verified earlier, and going to the identification submit page just says “Thank you for submitting your ID. We will review your information shortly and get back to you if there’s anything else we need.”.

This is incredibly frustrating. i was mid conversation with a buyer, and now can’t respond to their questions. There isn’t a link anywhere in the email to appeal, so what am I supposed to do here? It sounds silly to say, but I’m very much me. I have plenty of social media accounts with my face on them, and I signed up using my .edu email that includes my name (I’m a student right now, hence the need for supplemental income). You can’t just get an .edu address-- you can only get one if your school is accredited, and then registers for a bunch of stuff to get one. I haven’t even messaged anyone outside of those who have messaged me first with questions about my gigs.

Has anyone had this happen before? Is there any way to appeal and send in more files?

Sounds like some bug.

If you still can use the ticket system while being restricted, open a ticket. (Click “Help and support” in the footer of the main site and click/scroll until you find the “Contact Us” button).

If you can’t use the ticket system, try a direct email to

Good luck and welcome to the forum!


For anyone in the future-- they’re saying they’ve no record of a previous attempt (which is strange, as I still have the photo of my id in my camera-roll from September 2019). They’ve had me submit the files again and immediately approved my identification.


Another good idea would be to screenshot your notice of verification.