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Unwanted Cancellation , Now 95% Order Completion

Yesterday Night A Buyer Order to edit a PDF File without any discussion.
And without any editing instruction for me.

I sent 3 to 4 messages to buyer for PDF editing details.
After 7 Hour He/ She come back and send me chat that sorry for delay in sending editing changes of PDF. and then send more than 20 changes while i offer only 15 changes, that is clear written in my Gig.

After that i do changes without any argument and deliver it to buyer.

But what is the result i wasted my time on it. He again message me and ask for more new change around 15 changes.

that is so frustrating for me…In Just 5$ buyer want the whole document change in new way…

I straight go to Resolution Center. And ask Buyer for cancellation of Order :frowning:

Unwanted Cancellation.


If you asked the buyer for a cancellation then it wasn’t unwanted.You could have sent them a service extra for another $5 if they requested more work done. It sucks but in the end they walk away with free work and you get a ding on your completion rate.

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I asked already to buyer that in this price i can not work for more changes, then

buyer told me he will not approve the delivery until you do more changes in PDF file then i take the decision of cancellation.

I don’t want to cancel this order but i have to do it. That’s is why i said unwanted.

Report them to CS cuz it seems like they are trying to bully you into doing more work for free.


Thanks, I reported to CS