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Unwanted Gallery Images

Delivering a PDF in conjunction with a gig where you perform a gig that delivers a private correspondence, you may be shocked to notice that your client’s private information is included in your gallery, without your ability to prevent this disclosure from happening.
Here’s what this looks like:
The frustrating thing, is once you notice this, it will take more than a day for them to cure it. Even when you submit multiple bug reports with “Help! 911!” in the subject line.
I am still waiting for Fiverr to cure this problem.
I was wondering if there was a way to review and decline these unwanted gallery images. Anyone?

I believe this is your problem: (I could be wrong)

Buyer has option not to show his work on your portfolio


Nailed it. Thank you.

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In future you can (according to what has been posted on the forum) turn off the gig live gallery option for the gig before delivering and then turn it back on after delivering for a delivery you don’t want to show up in the gallery (otherwise the buyer will get the option of whether to show it, with the default being to show it, but it may not be very clear to the buyer that it will show up).

Also don’t submit multiple tickets for the same thing as CS probably won’t want that. Also I’d probably try making the subject line clearer when messaging CS. Technically I don’t think it’s a bug if it works the way they wanted it but they should make it easier to remove (and clearer to the buyer when adding it).

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