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Unwanted gig offer

It’s not that I am annoyed/angry to a point where “ranting” would be the right word, but still I guess I am

mildly irritated. This morning I logged into Fiverr and realized that someone decided to send me a

gig offer for some cover letter which is something I’ve never asked for.

Aah, so this is what people were talking about. I’ve read about those unwanted offers a lot here on the forum, but

I guess my turn has finally come. And yeah, I get it, it is rather annoying. :-q

I refused the offer ( of course), and that was supposed to be the end of it, but the “You received a gig offer” is still there

on my to-do list. Personally,this bugs me. I like to see me to-do list clear up as I finish and deliver my gigs to my buyers,

and that unwanted offer message is sitting there. I guess refusing the offer was not enough?

How do you delete that thing from my to-do list, does anybody know?? :-/

Contact CS, it’s the only way I can get rid of them (they told me that they were looking into improving this feature). Oh, and never click through using email. You’ll be taken straight to paypal and order the gig without any checks and then have to deal with an idiot spammy seller refusing to cancel. Which is great UI, considering that I’m totally used to getting taken to the relevant Fiverr page instead.

True story. Fun times. Anyone considering doing this without a specific request for a custom order: STOP THAT THOUGHT RIGHT NOW. It’s spam and it’s bloody annoying. And cost me money that one time… and then I still had to contact CS to get the offer off my to do list after rejecting the offer then deleting the message!

Was the offer from a seller you have ever done business with before? I get custom offers from a Seller I purchased a few gigs for a long time ago. But the seller keeps sending this new special custom offer and I don’t want those emails to the point it is starting to get annoying now and makes me think not as highly of them any longer as a seller that I would not go back and order from them.

Nope, it’s a seller I’ve never heard of before.
Out of nowhere, I get the offer for this cover letter.
I replied saying something like "I never asked for an offer, this is spam. Stop it"
He/she replied “Sorry I’ll never message you again”
…but it’s still on my to-do list. I guess I’ll have CS remove it for me then!

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Wanted to rant about this a long time ago! haha thank you for voicing it out!

So freaking frustrating… I hate those people who do that.

So I sent a message to customer support and had it removed.
Hopefully I won’t have to deal with something like this again! :stuck_out_tongue: