Unwanted messages from sellers


I’ve getting a lots of messages from other sellers who are asking to buy their services. Although I can reject them but replying everyone is not easy at times. If i don’t reply them or delete their messages, my response rate gets down. How to fix this issue?


I hate that. Just reply back with a “no thank you” and report them as spam.


Exactly as psychicbunny said. Reply & Report. If we all would do this it would be a nightmare.


Seriously though! I woke up with three sellers begging me to buy from them or at least send them work! I just messaged them with an automatic response. Sorry it’s happening to you too! Take it as a compliment! :joy_cat:


sure you can report , them as a spamer,


In theory, simply clicking on the report button should count as a reply.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work, so I politely remind them that they’re violating the Terms of Service and then click on the report button (and choose both for the Trust & Safety to check out their account, and to block them from contacting me).


Only problem with that is that the block button is actually temporary. In a couple of hours they can reach out to me once again.

So annoying.


I usually tell them to be professional but yet they keep messing around.


I’ve been getting alot of messages from guys asking me for inappropriate videos. What’s up with that? Smh I clearly offer Psychic readings


My only question is this:

Why are you using an image of an actor (james marsden) as your profile photo?

Being honest is a must in business.

Spolier Alert



There are still lots of issues which fiverr needs to fix…this one is top of the list.