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Unwanted orders leading to cancellation

Buyer keeps ordering $5 for a difficult job that should cost more leading to cancellation and affecting sale ratings. How to handle it?

Hi there,

I’m sorry you had this experience. It’s always annoying when buyers place orders without reading or accepting your description, requirements, and offering.

This rarely happens to me, but it has happened. When it does, I try to politely explain the buyer a) what my gig is offering, and at what price, and b) what they can do to rectify the situation.

I offer extras that will cover the work they want to be done, and explain to them why they have to accept these terms. I refer to my Gig description and offering, which clearly states all terms.

It’s super important to have crystal clear gig descriptions, showing your buyer that you will do X for Y amount of $.

One example is a writing gig.

If the seller offers 300 words with no SEO optimisation for 5 $, the buyer may not place an order for 5 $ and require 600 words to be written with keyword research and optimisation. That will require an extra. Try to educate your buyer on how much time, skill, and work goes into what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, you will at some point come across a buyer who will not respect your time, talent, and skill. These people will expect you to work for free - and to that kind of people I will simply say “thanks, but no thanks”. If I have to, I will cancel the gig.

Luckily, this hardly ever happens after following the tips above.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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PS. If the going get’s tough, contact Customer Support. :slight_smile:

This is an easy one: don’t offer $5,- gigs if you don’t want them to be ordered. You attract a certain breed of people with those gigs.

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My gig is all about tracing logo and there were really easy jobs like text logos or logo like the nike, addidas etc that is very simple to do and $5 is just the right price so I really need that price.

That is what I am actually doing and the time requires to deal with them already costs $5 hahaha. Anyhow I read some of your points and I’ll be applying that. Thanks for the advice.

Is there a place to state reason of cancellation by both sides? May be fiverr should show more details on ‘who/why/how’ an order is cancelled? Let the public see that information, instead of just stars.

Give a scenario. I think I always experience this as well.

By the way, does a mutual cancellation still affects ratings?

A mutual cancellation will affect your rating, yes, even though Fiverr claim “everything is going to be ok”. If you have lots of competition in your niche, many cancellations might loose you some business. It’s always best to avoid them, but I find a cancellation is better than a negative review!

I’m new but I think you should either write in capital letters or highlight that you should contact me before buying.

In my case, I stated it in my requirements that the buyer must contact me before buying. Yet they will state that they did not contact me in their answer buy fiverr will still allow them to send the order. This is not good at all

You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

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But its about the same topic which has no solution yet?

It is best to create your own topic and then you can discuss the current situation.

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Okay. Thanks I will do that.

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What solution do you want? Main fiverr feature is for buyers to be able to place orders without contacting seller and waiting for their reply. So you just should create a gig with prices that are worth for you working on the order and describe in very deep Detail what it would include