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Unwanted orders


I want your opinion on this “problem”: in my gig “Write C Sharp program” ( I clearly say “no WPF or” and buyers are requested to contact me BEFORE placing an order, so we can discuss details (am I able to develop this software? What do buyer really need? How many gigs are needed?).

But increasingly often happens that buyers directly place orders without contacting me and, naturally, needing websites too!!

Now, I’m not “empty” on websites, but for sure I’m not a professional so I’d like to avoid developing because result cannot be as good as I’m used to provide to customers; but if a buyer place an order like this, what should I do?

Do you have same experiences to share?

What do you think is better? Asking the buyer for mutual cancellation (but this could be bad for reputation)? Ask Fiverr support?


Hi mark74,

Just a suggestion (if you haven’t done this already), include in your gig description and instruction that you have to cancel their orders if it is not the one you are offering. As for cancelling, yes you can do a mutual cancellation and I don’t think it will affect seller reputation at all as long as the reason/s are clearly stated in the cancel form.

Also, it just hit me, how bout fiverr provide level 2 sellers and other levels the option to decline orders? (Hi, Jess thanks for inviting me here to the forum, BTW)

Hope this helps Mark.




I agree with Briyce20 I have gotten plenty of orders where people have ordered the wrong gig and didn’t read so I’ve had to cancel and it has caused me to lose my level one seller status because of someone else’s mistake. We should havea Decline order status…


Yeah, this is really an issue. But I discovered that if I propose a mutual cancellation from the beginning explaining him the exact reasons the buyer will not argue and just cancel.

Great idea briyce, declining orders should become an option. But I’m afraid it’s against fiverr strategy to maximize sales.



I agree with everyone and thanks for your comments!!

For “fake orders” ( I prosed Fiverr support something and they told me they will consider my proposal…

Maybe we can ask this too!!!


It’s an issue for me for last few days. Someone is ordering one of my gigs continuously. So far I had to cancel 8 orders from him in last 7 days. I am still not sure if that reflects anything to my level. I have completed more than 10 successful gigs and I am already a member for more than 30 days, but my level not yet increased :(.

Anyways, it would be great for sellers to have accept/decline order.


I might be wrong in this case, if so… SORRY

My personal experience is … people lazy to read…

So the key is the video… It can hit to the bucket… you can explain clearly there.


try to explain your scope in a video … what you do and what you dont.

But remember … be careful !!! Don’t let others to underestimate you there.


I imagine how hard is for you this. I got some problems too and my gigs are way easier than yours. If you have an image you can put a big red sign and tell them to carefully read the description before ordering!

Because if they are lazy they dont even going to look at the video :slight_smile:


While I’ve never had a problem suggesting a mutual cancellation, or just working on it on that gig if it was a misorder, the fact that it may cause my ratings to go down because of another’s mistake is kind of daunting, but as of now there are no other options. I definitely second the “decline order” option. I’ve often wondered since the beginning why this isn’t a staple on every order. Like I said, I’ve never had any problems working with it, but am just curious to it’s reasoning. :slight_smile:


I have this problem with this type of situation on my writing a press release (100 word for the $5 base gig and extras for anything beyond that). People constantly purchase the wrong stuff and then try and argue with me about it being my fault and that I should “just do what they want” since they are the customer.

A decline order option would be great, I hope it gets implemented.


I think you should edit your Gig title like this too…

I will write C Sharp program [Contact me before order] for $5

This technique help me sometime ago on one of my order…


Reply to @major_killer: I’ve just modified my gig description (not the title) including this part, right after I got another order I cannot really process. And it took some time to contact Fiverr support requesting order deletion and contact buyer to inform of what was going on…


You need to do this at the very beginning of the gig description *** NOTE: I WILL ~NOT~ DO BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST, THANK YOU *** and that will probably cut down on such problems. Humans rarely read past the first five-ten words of any product description.


What if I placed an order accidentally. Is there an email or contact form for fiverr?


Reply to @sandyspider: yes, They are fast, professional and very polite!!!