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Unwarranted negative review

Got my first (and hopefully last) negative review today from a client who needed a job done in 24 hours. I was able to deliver in about 21 hours and mentioned that he should let me know if he needed any revisions or wasn’t satisfied as I always tell my other clients.

He, however, accepted the job and left a poor review without explaining why or asking for a revision (which I offer for free with no limitations). I have contacted him twice with no response. I am also ready to issue a refund, but again, no response from him.

Just like any buyer, I wouldn’t want a negative review on my profile. You can view my profile and see the other excellent reviews from even repeat buyers. Any idea on how to get rid of this negative review showing on my profile?

Would issuing a refund take away the negative review? I’ll appreciate any advice.



oh btw, I got pushed up to LEVEL 2 today. Yay.

You gave an excellent response. There is no way to tell with a buyer like that what is going on with them. It is of course unreasonable that there would be zero communication from him. His review also gives no information. I am suspicious that there was some other motive because most unhappy buyers would tell you that and explain why. I don’t think this will hurt your sales in any way since he didn’t say why it was a poor experience.

Thanks so much, misscrystal. I wish I had seen your response earlier. I think I fell victim to a scam of forcing a refund and getting free work. As I had read on one of the forums that a mutual cancellation would take out the review. I offered a mutual cancellation and only then was he able to respond with accepting the refund. But anyway, lesson learned.

Thanks again!

This happened to me last night, essentially. A bit different situation, but exactly the same kind of buyer-- first bad review.

I suggest that you take the bad review. You can leave a review for them too, and your potential buyers will see that you are not the one at fault.

I used to accept cancellations no matter what, but then I realized I was doing $50 worth of work and getting nothing for it while the buyer still had access to all of my files to potentially use for free.

Your repeat buyers will not think any differently of your work; they are probably aware of the system as well. Contact support if you think you can make your case against the unexplained bad review.

Thanks annabelle. I’ve surely learned my lesson now. Lost $100 worth of work and realise now that it was a scam.

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This is a very informative feed.I also got a bad ratting from a dishonest client and now it is pulling me down. If there is a way I can get back on track please let me know, I will highly appreciate.

I read his review and then looked at the profile and of course he is from the United States with advanced degrees but write in broken English–clearly he is dishonest. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I feel that it is obvious that the bad review is dishonest and you will continue to get more sales and great reviews. Your response was perfect.

Sorry to hear that. You have a perfect reply and I think anyone can see through his dishonest comment. Just keep pushing. You will continue to get sales and much better reviews.